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Apr 7, 2008 12:20 PM

Private Party for 30 people

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a place to have a dinner party for about 30-35 people. It's a "formal" so everyone's going to be dressed nicely. I'd prefer a place not too far from Union Square or Chinatown. Whether it's a sit-down prix-fixe or buffet style doesn't matter too much. Open bar would be a requisite. I know there's a lot of ltalian places that would fit the bill. As of right now, I'm almost completely open to suggestions. Has anyone done anything like this and would recommend a place? I can only afford about $75-80 per person including tax and tip.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Provence has a beautiful back room that seats 36 people that might work. I had brunch there this weekend and was impressed. Also, we did an event at 5 Ninth and that was awesome. Il Buco has the wine cellar that is a good size for a group.

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      Not sure this will be formal enough for you, but a friend of mine threw a party for another friend at La Mela in Little Italy a few years ago for around $45-50 per head, including tax, tip, wine, etc. The food is decent (if red-sauce-italian is your thing), the wine was barely decent, but it was a LOT of fun nonetheless. We had a private room and all the dishes were served family style - there was more food than we possibly could have eaten.

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        I love Provence and wanted to host a dinner there as well. You did not specify a particular night of the week but FYI, they do not rent out their enclosed garden for private events on Friday and Saturday nights.

      2. Jane Restaurant at 100 West Houston Street has a private dining room for up to 35 people (I think). It's a lovely restaurant and I've seen some pretty nice parties down there.