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Apr 7, 2008 12:12 PM

LONDON: Solo lunch near Portobello Market

Hey all, I'm staying with a friend in London and we've been doing some great eating thus far. Tomorrow he has errands to run and so I'm planning to head over to Portobello Market to kill some time. Any adventurous, recommended lunch spots nearby? Foodie who lives in NY, so not afraid of street meat, run down shops or the like, just want one great last lunch before I head out on Wednesday. Have had meals at New Tayyabs, Moti Mahal, Borough Market, and some fish and chips, so preferably something a bit different than Indian or British food. Thanks all!

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  1. It's a shame you're not there on a Fri/Sat as there's some great street food stalls at the market.

    1. For hot and cold tapas, simple Spanish food, cakes and drinks try Cafe Garcia at 246 Portobello Road. Can't say I've eaten there but always looks inviting.

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        I'm actually going to Barcelona Wednesday morning, so trying to stay away from Spanish food, probably should have mentioned that

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          why don't you try the cafe at Books for Cooks which is just off portobello market?

      2. My recs in the immediate area around Portobello - note not much street food going on before Friday so below are what I would consider the better options in the area for a good to great lunch.

        E&O - pan asian
        Mediteraneo or its neighbour Osteria Basilico - Solid Italians on Kensington Park Rd
        Thai Rice - north end of Portobello - my fave in the area - though I typically do takeaway
        Books for cooks

        For some fine dining you could try and grab a table at the Ledbury (set lunch 20/25 GBP which isn't bad)

        if you don't mind a short walk you have the following options
        Hereford Road - a bit of nose to tail eating in the area
        Bumpkin - Westbourne Park
        Great Lebanese and Middle Eastern on Westbourne Grove (Al Waha, Alounak, etc..)
        Also on Westbourne Grove is C&R for Malaysian - there's also a decentish Malay place where the Westway crosses Portobello next to S&M cafe.


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          Thanks all, I had tried the cafe at Books for Cooks but they were out of food by 1pm. I was hungry and didnt really feel like wandering around so just popped into Harmony Pies (I think thats what it was called), it was quite bad. Hopefully we'll do better for dinner tonight