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Apr 7, 2008 12:09 PM

Metro Accessible Restaurants - Friendship Heights or Tenley

Looking for a good place to eat after work, meeting friends who work in Maryland half way. Sadly, having lived in DC for 5 years, I've stayed close to home or ventured further south and am quite unfamiliar with the territory north of Cleveland Park. Recomendations for any type of restaurant would be great. Happy hour specials are a plus, but not required. Looking for somewhere casual, not fancy and a little more upscale than a chain sandwich shop. Thanks a ton!

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  1. Lias in Fr. Heights (italian) has good happy hour.

    1. From your description, I think you may like M Cafe, a kind of Euro-style cafe that is back behind MaxMara (just walk North along Wisconsin and go behind the strip of stores that has Ralph Lauren at the end).

      1. I am partial to Rock Creek, which is in Mazza Gallerie - entrance on the top floor, off the movie theater lobby. The restaurant has a lovely atmosphere and the food is creative and delicious - and healthy! The menu has nutrition information for every dish. I don't know if they have a happy hour.

        1. I also recommend Lia's. It's very good and the happy hour is a good deal if you get what they offer. Their regular menu is also great, and when it's warm, the patio is nice.

          Clydes also has a nice patio, even though I'm not a huge fan of the place (it serves a purpose)

          1. Lia is good, Meiwah in FH is good if you like Chinese, in Tenley you have Guapo's (uneven but often pretty good Mexican) and Murasaki (Japanese), in between are Le Chat Noir (crepes), Matisse (a little more upscale) and Yosaku (Japanese). I live nearby - these are all decent neighborhood options. If you go one stop further north, Bethesda offers a million more options, too.