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Apr 7, 2008 11:55 AM

Restaurant Recommendations Sought

My family and I will be in DC over the weekend and are looking for some restaurant recommendations. We will be about five blocks from Dupont Circle. We also plan to spend some time at the National Zoo and cherry blossom viewing. We have a car and will be able to drive to Georgetown, etc. Really we enjoy everything, so mostly we are looking for cozy, casual places to eat as opposed to certain types of food. However... The soul food link sparked my interest. Is Oohs and Ahs still open or can you suggest another place? I did a goggle search and couldn't find any info. Also, can you suggest a place we can pick up some noteworthy sandwiches? A cozy bistro? A great brunch? Which neighborhoods lend themselves to strolling and snacking? Since there are two young children in our party so casual and family friendly is a must. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated!

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  1. Oohs and Aahs is still open although it doesn't have a website that I know of. Creme in that area is also good.

    Noteworthy sandwiches: Breadline by the White House on Pennsylvannia between 17th and 18th.

    Great Brunch: Tabard Inn in Dupont Circle, Poste in Penn Quarter although I am not sure how kid friendly either is... Monmarte is kid friendly on Capitol Hill.

    Neighborhoods to stroll and snack: Penn Quarter (Ella's very kid friendly, Cowgirl Creamery, Clydes, etc), Old Town Alexandria (I think there was a recent thread on Alexandria with kids will try to find) and Capitol Hill for the Eastern Market on the weekend (Monmarte, Tortilla Cafe, Tuncliff's, Market Lunch).

    There have been lots of threads on kid friendly near the Zoo if you search, Lebanese Taverna if kids are adventurous also if you have a car not to far away is 2Amy's which has Pizza or Cafe Deluxe.

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      Thank you for the info. BTW, where is Oohs and Aahs located (if you know offhand)? Once again, thanks!

      1. re: skinnytail

        1005 U Street NW
        (between N 10th St & N 11th St)
        Washington, DC 20001

        It is the U st. metro stop on the green line. There aren't a ton of seats a few tables upstairs and barstools downstairs. I have heard the portions are absolutely huge just fyi you could probably eat the entrees more family style, one will probably feed almost two people.

    2. Agreed with ktmoomau's recommendations, especially Two Amys for pizza and more grown-up small plates, Eastern Market for market lunch or Monmarte, and walking around Old Town (it's worth the ride down to Alexandria. If you go, try the Majestic for great new American cooking, or Eammon's for casual, tasty fish and chips).

      Suggest you avoid Georgetown -- the sidewalks are packed with shoppers and tourists, making the strolling part less enjoyable. Walking along the C&O Canal, however (a block south) is lovely.

      One thing to note: if you're here over the weekend, Breadline, while great, won't be open -- it's a weekday lunch spot.

      1. if you are doing the museums check out Mitsitam cafe in the American indian museum. Lots of posts on here about it. very unique, delicious and definitely kid friendly.

        1. There really aren't any noteworthy sandwiches in DC at places that are open on weekends unfortunately. Brunch, I enjoy Kramerbooks in Dupont Circle. Excellent people watching and good food. To walk around, I agree that Old Town Alexandria is worth the drive. There are a ton of restaurants in Old Town and its a great place to stroll. Eamonns is highly recommended and very very kid friendly and generally packed with families on weekends.

          Another good stroll is to metro to Chinatown and walk down 7th Street to the Mall and visit the stores along 7th and the museums on the mall.

          Where are you visiting from? I can maybe come up with some other suggestions to recommend that wouldn't generally be available from your locale.

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            Thanks Adam23. We are coming from NYC. Can you recommend a brasserie/bistro that is not trying to hard? Maybe a neighborhood place?

          2. Since you will have a car...The Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria is a great family friendly place to stroll and snack along Mt.Vernon Ave. Less crowded than georgetown or penn quarter. Stop at the Dairy Godmother for icecream and Cheesetique to sample cheses.