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Apr 7, 2008 11:35 AM

Need Bakery suggestions for Anniversary Cake-Denver Area

Could you please help with recommendations for a delicious bakery in the Denver area (we're actually staying in Castle Rock)? Looking for reasonable prices. Celebrating parents 30th wedding anniversary and will be a group of about 10 people.

If at all possible, I'd like stay in the southern part of Denver to minimize the amount of driving.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Don't know much about bakeries in the Castle Rock area, but IMO, Gateaux (SW of downtown, just off Speer) makes such gorgeous cakes that it's worth the drive. Devil's Food Bakery (South Gaylord, near Washington Park) is also really good.

    1. It's so sad (but true); Denver does not have a fabulous bakery that I know of. Oh, there were some in the past, but they have all gone under. I have the same problem trying to find beautiful and delicious cakes there.

      Gateaux makes absolutely stunning ones, but they don't taste nearly as good as they look. And Devil's Food is just a disappointing waste of time to me. They are ugly and don't make up for it in taste, but it's a really cute little place that looks like it would be great for lunch and a coffee

      If I were doing a cake for a special occasion, I would contact a pastry chef in the area who does good work and ask for a special order... failing that, maybe the bakery section of a grocery store like Whole Foods?

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        Oryza, I'm sorry to hear that Devil's Food has gone to the dogs. Theiir cakes used to be good. For an anniversary or other special occasion party, sometimes looks are prime -- and Geateaux rules. There have also been some favorable comments about various French bakeries around Denver, but whether they are good w/ cakes wasn't discussed -- at least not as far as I can recall.


        They are central Denver, but have beautiful cakes and they actually taste good. Also, I've had great results in cakes from Whole Foods as well, if you want something more simple, that might be an idea.


        1. You should try Kim and Jakes cakes ( They are in Boulder and do deliver. Awesome cakes!

          1. Kelley Farrell is a great wedding/special occasion baker in the Centennial area. Her business used to be Iced Dreams and is now called Kelley's's her website address...