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Apr 7, 2008 11:21 AM

Culver City for B-day Dinner before Karokee at Boardwalk 11

I am doing a b-day dinner and don't want a super expensive place...Already went to Ugo and I don't eat sushi...not so keen on ford's filing station...was thinking of fraiche...any thoughts???

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  1. Fraiche is terrific and has great cocktails and food.

    1. Not sure what you mean by "super expensive," but Fraiche is pretty much the most expensive restaurant in Culver City.

      I haven't been there yet, but I hear good things about Cucina Paradiso (Italian place very close to B11). Or you could go somewhere in Century City -- that's nearly as close to the bar as downtown Culver City is.

        1. re: mrod

          does Akasha have a good steak? Fraiche has a steak dish that is in the 25 dollar range...restaurants in that range are good for me...

          1. re: erinl

            Yes, they have good steak but I usually opt for shortribs. They don't have a huge menu so you may want to look on their website before going. I don't believe the steak is more than $25. It is all reasonably priced for the quality of ingredients.