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Apr 7, 2008 11:11 AM

Good eats in Eureka?

Driving up the coast and decided to keep going up to Eureka.

Dont want fancy! Don't want franchises. Looking to visit good family run places. Pizza, Burgers, Pasta..., middle eastern, chinese...

Please share your fav!


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  1. Chinese:
    2335 4TH St, Eureka
    Great deals at lunch time.
    Not alot of choices, but this is very acceptable. I even really like the house salad. This is excellent 80's style Chinese, sit-down, menu order

    Good lunch in old town Eureka at Old Town Coffee and Chocolates. They have good soup and bagel sandiwiches as well as goodies ! Counter order, eat inside. See, Oh, of course, continental breakfast there, too.

    Breakfast at The Chalet is pretty good with a standard menu.
    1935 5th St, Eureka

    For a fast meal, there are a few co-op markets with a deli with hot food (sometimes meat loaf) of really good food. Wild Berries (uh, oh, - well close in neighboring city, Arcata) is really good and has dessert bar, coffee bar, etc., in addition to regular grocery sections for produce, etc.
    Wild Berries
    747 13th Street, Arcata

    Also in Arcata is an herb shop that has a fantastic organic salad/soup bar from 11-6 every day but Sunday. Excellent, but limited menu. Interesting shop.
    Moonrise Herbs at 826 G St, Arcata.
    You can sit in the front window that overlooks the town square.

    Also, there is a farmer's market in that Arcata Town Square on Saturday mornings.

    If into exploring, there is a great creamery up there that makes goat cheese they sell in 5-star restaurants (Humboldt Fog). See,
    You can probably get some Cypress Grove cheese at one of the co-op grocery stores in Eureka, but fun to visit the store at 1330 Q Street in Arcata.

    Oh, and a picture on that Cypress Grove site reminds me . . . . a great place to visit for walking in nature is at Patrick's Point, north of Eureka right on the coast (I think that's where they made that picture). It is a national park with a guard gate. When you get there, ask (or tell?) them you want to go to the Wedding Rock area (and they will direct you). I think it is the nicest. And, you might find some huge banana slugs ! Eeeeeeiuo.

    1. No trip to Eureka is complete for us without a visit (or ten) to the Lost Coast Brewery ( They use North Coast co-op fresh ground beef in their burgers. Lots of veggie alternatives too if you're so inclined. Food from the regular menu is always at least passable and some of it's really good. One of my co-workers swears they have the best buffalo wings he's ever had. We almost always get a growler of their beer to go - their "standard" beers are all good, and available at many stores, but they often have special beers only available at the pub. They also brew their own root beer (you can get it in a growler for the kids too). One time we got a growler of Indica and a growler of root beer, and they mixed them up and put root beer in with the Indica and Indica in with the root beer (the bar was really busy that night). What's that saying about two great tastes that taste great together? Well these were two great tastes that definitely did not taste great together - and we didn't discover the mix-up until we were back in camp up at Patrick's Point. When we returned the next night after we discovered the mix-up, they happily made it right for us without question.

      We also really like the Big Blue Cafe on the plaza in Arcata - we've been there for breakfast and lunch and it's all been yummy. Nice thick pieces of bacon, everything is freshly made. Portions are pretty big, though, so go hungry.

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        I second the Lost Coast. Best beer ever and great food. Their wings are great. They also have mead on tap if you are so inclined. I am from Sac and stop here every time I am on the road up there....

        Funny about the beer mixup, bet that made for fun night!