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Lunch in Brighton

buffet king Apr 7, 2008 11:03 AM

I'm looking for ideas on where to go for lunch in Brighton. The only place I have been to in Brighton for lunch is Moogy's. I have never been to the Stockyard. Is the Stockyard a good lunch spot? Any Brighton lunch ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

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  1. s
    SSqwerty RE: buffet king Apr 7, 2008 12:15 PM

    In its favor I can report that the Stockyard has a nice big parking lot that's also free, and it's kind of a cute place inside --all blond wood and etched glass. The food isn't a turn-off, it's just thoroughly....... ordinary. The french fries and onion rings are guaranteed to give you indigestion an hour later from the grease, and possibly from the odd, crunchy coating they use on them. (Is that really necessary?) Stick with the hamburger if you go. And they have a large bar in the center of the room which is a pleasant locale for that burger and drinks, plus you can watch the game from there. You might even get waited on quickly at the bar which you won't if you take a table. Prices are OK, which is why it's always packed with senior citizens. (You'd probably guess this anyway from all the 1970s vintage American-made cars in the lot.) I think you can get a better meal at Ruby Tuesday's, but possibly that's just me. I'm
    sure someone here who lives around Brighton can suggest an alternative.

    1. g
      gourmaniac RE: buffet king Apr 7, 2008 01:29 PM

      In Brighton center, Esperia grill, Asahi, Smoken' Joes, Athans all OK bit not special. Or you could drive five minutes to Brighton Avenue in Allston for many wonderful options. Carlos Cucina, Rnagoli, Gitlos, Reef cafe, Indian Dhaba to name a few.

      1. MABMAQ RE: buffet king Apr 7, 2008 01:36 PM

        one of my favorite local spots is the Corrib Pub on Market Street (Fridays they serve a killer fishermans platter - whole clams, scallops, shrimp and haddock) - it's a casual spot, good atmosphere and if you go on a weekday you'll have no problem getting in and out in an hour - excellent service.
        another lunch option is TinTin Buffet on N Beacon street across from the new WGBH. They have a quick turnaround on refilling the trays and the foods pretty decent.

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        1. re: MABMAQ
          mabelm4050 RE: MABMAQ Apr 7, 2008 06:53 PM

          I second the Corrib. Their steak tips are my favorite.

          The Brighton Boca Grande is the best of the chain.

          I had brunch at Devlin's a few weeks ago and it was excellent. I am looking forward to trying them at lunch or dinner sometime soon.

          1. re: MABMAQ
            mmocpi RE: MABMAQ Apr 7, 2008 08:43 PM

            Third that. Get the Irish Breakfast (always available) with a Guinness ... mmmm.

            1. re: mmocpi
              buffet king RE: mmocpi Apr 8, 2008 03:27 AM

              Has anyone been to Jim's Deli on Washington Street in Brighton? If so, how is their food. Any other lunch options in Brighton?

              1. re: buffet king
                hargau RE: buffet king Apr 8, 2008 05:26 AM

                Well based on your name "buffet king" i guess you like buffets. You could go to (Rin) Tin Tin... Americanized chinese buffet food, oddly enough they have decent fried chicken and mashed potatoes! Forgot what it costs but its silly cheap.

                1. re: hargau
                  buffet king RE: hargau Apr 8, 2008 06:25 AM

                  Yes, I do like buffets but I'm not looking for a Chinese buffet place. I'm more interested in finding a casual, home cooked comfort food place in Brighton. I'm leaning towards trying the Corrib Pub. Has anyone been to the Corrib Pub for lunch recently? If so, what to you recommend for lunch?

                2. re: buffet king
                  bear RE: buffet king Apr 8, 2008 05:37 AM

                  I've only been to Jim's once. Felt like I was back in the 60's. Really nice people, typical steam-table food. Good prices for somewhat salty, overcooked comfort food. I'd go to Devlin's, the Corrib or one of the other suggestions if you want something freshly prepared.

                  1. re: bear
                    buffet king RE: bear Apr 8, 2008 01:26 PM

                    I went to Jim's Deli today in Brighton Center. I got the beef brisket dinner with mashed potatoes and macaroni & cheese ($9.95). The beef brisket was a little fatty but good. I wished they had put more brown gravy on the brisket and on the mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes and macaroni & cheese were okay but nothing special. I did see another customer get a burger which looked really good. There was a pretty long line at Jim's Deli but it moved really fast. Next time I'm in the area I'm going to try The Corrib Pub. I drove past it so now I know where it's located. Thanks to all for the recommendations.

                  2. re: buffet king
                    FoonFan RE: buffet king Apr 8, 2008 07:10 AM

                    Jim's Deli is good for burgers, sandwiches, breakfasts, and lunch specials such as chicken parm and roast turkey with the fixins. Very friendly folks, decent food cooked to order, good value.

              2. c
                cookiezim RE: buffet king Apr 7, 2008 01:38 PM

                Devlin's in Brighton Center is good for lunch. I've never had a bad meal there!

                1. d
                  dianalily RE: buffet king Apr 7, 2008 01:46 PM

                  My folks love the Stockyard, especially for the Prime Rib dinners. It certainly has an old-fashioned meat-and-potatoes focus (both the menu and the crowd), but don't let that deter you if that's the kind of food that appeals. We've never had a bad meal there and would recommend it if steak is the order of the day.

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