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Apr 7, 2008 10:36 AM

Phoenix: Birthday dinner for fiance (getting married in 1.5 weeks!)

Hi all,

Today's my fiance's birthday, and I'd like to take her out to a nice dinner. At the same time, we've been scrambling to get everything in order for our wedding in 1.5 weeks, so we have a *lot* to do separate of celebrating her birthday! But I'm not about to put it off and risk any consequences later. ;)

Anyway, we've been eating out a *lot* lately, and I'm really tapped out for ideas. She loves good Mexican and Italian, but the two places I was going to try tonight (Barrio Cafe and Pizzeria Bianco) are both closed on Mondays. She also loves sushi, but one of the only places we like in Phoenix (Tomo out in Goodyear), we just went to a few nights ago (I love that they have Orion beer there).

So, here I am, coming to my trusted foodies here at Chowhound, asking for recommendations. We're in the central Phoenix area, so anything within a 5-10 mile radius would be good. We're also not looking to spend hours at dinner, since we have so much wedding stuff to do after we get home!

Budget? Less than a $100 all-in. This wedding has all but blown our "fun" budget for the month. :) Thank you!


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  1. For Italian, maybe La Fontanella? Old-school, and certainly nice enough for a special occasion. Not to mention great food.

    La Fontanella Italian Rstrnt
    4231 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018

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    1. re: boingo2000

      Good idea! We've actually eaten here... it was sometime over the summer, and they really made us feel like we were being treated special. It looks like they're open, so I might give them a call after work.

      I'm still open to some other ideas, too. Thanks in advance!

      1. re: ghibli99

        how about just picking a beautiful poolside bar at one of the resorts and relaxing with a few cocktails and appetizers? sounds like you're eating out a lot, and have a lot of eating to do in the future, perhaps a very casual but relaxing ambience would fit the bill.

    2. A place I've had on my list of "must do soon" is Padre's Modern Mexican. Definitely looks like you could do it for under $100, and if you're in CenPho, it's close.

      Padre's Latin Grill
      1044 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ

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      1. re: azhotdish

        That sounds really good, too! It's only 11:30, but I can't wait for dinner! Thanks again for the recs so far!

      2. I really like Cibo as a sub for Pizzeria Bianco. They also do a fantastic all-organic veggie antipasto, you can sit out under the trees, and they have my favorite Gavi di Gavi for summer.

        I am also a Tomo fan, and I can definitely recommend Hana as a good substitute for sushi. It's BYO, so you can save major cash right there, enough to splurge on the special board. We went the other weekend and got out of there for $65; very pleased with the service and freshness.