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Apr 7, 2008 10:36 AM

Cantonese BBQ or Wonton noodles near Waltham?

I am craving for Cantonese BBQ - like BBQ pork or roast duck with wontons over noodle soup. I know there aren't any places like this in Waltham. What are my closest options? Are there any places in Newton or Watertown that serve these? Also prefer places that allow choices of noodles (like yellow noodles vs flat ho fun vs vermicelli rice stick).

What about No.1 Noodle House in Newton Center? I tried to find a menu online but failed. I know they have wontons but what about Chinese BBQ?

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  1. near waltham, in Mt Auburn St watertown is the Chinese Restaurant, May Flower, they have roast duck and cantonese wanton soup with or w/o noodles, they also serve chinatown cantonese dishes.

    1. I decided to go to No.1 Noodle House and see what they have.

      And yes, they do have BBQ pork or Roast Duck w/wontons noodle soup. I had a BBQ pork w/wontons - wontons are decent but BBQ pork was too lean. Overall, so-so.