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Apr 7, 2008 10:14 AM

Waikiki-lookin for all the good stuff

I'll be in Waikiki in May for about a week and I am looking forward to some good meals. I would love your recommendations on the best grub there. Im looking to find a the following.

1.Romantic dinner...not overly priced..nothing really fancy
2.Best burger joint..
4.Breakfast house..nothing in particular..
5.PLATE LUNCH...good mac salad:)

Open to all suggestions...thank you in advance!

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  1. first of all waikiki is a tourist area, and everything is going to be overpriced. take a deep breath and accept that...

    1. Romantic Dinner in Waikiki: Hau Tree Lanai for the view, Hy's Steakhouse for a great steak dinner, Top of Waikiki revolving restaurant (I haven't been, but am told its quite good), Halekulani-House without a key get there for sunset and the hula, sit outside if the weather is good, Halekulani-LaMer($$$)

    2. Best Burger Joint: Teddy's Bigger Burgers, Moose's on Lewers
    3. Sushi: there is a "new" place on beachwalk that has been getting rave reviews, but it's pricey.
    4. Breakfast: Wailana Coffee Shop, Eggs N Things
    5. Plate Lunch: just out of waikiki, a few blocks up Kapahulu is Rainbow Drive-in. Broke da mouth

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      I went to TOW the weekend before last and it was outrageously delicious! He has
      been pursuing the whole "farm to table" concept (he shops at KCC market all the time)
      and the results are fabulous. We ate our way through almost the entire menu. Not a missed step on any item.

      I will say that the decor is dated and somewhat worn but the view is fabulous, I can't remember how many full rotations we made, probably 3 (it completes a full circle every hour). The place was full of locals and tourists. Lots of couples celebrating things.
      I too like Rainbow "Boneless with gravy all over"..........and I love Teddy's, when I was working I'd eat at Moose's frequently it was always good.

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