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Going to Apizz - Any Recommendations?

Hi all - my husband and I are going to Apizz this Friday after reading some stellar reviews. I was looking at the menu and the primis look like appetizers and the secondis look like pastas mainly. I was just wondering what's a good amount of food to be shared by 2? Should we order 1 primi and 2 secondis? We were thinking of the margherita pizza and the gnocchi. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Your 1+2 idea should work fine if you're not huge eaters. I can't speak to the pizza but I'd definitely have the meatballs as the other main--they're excellent (and easy to share).

    1. Yes the meatballs are amazing - one of you must order them!

      1. All tables are started with tasty bread and tomato/ricotta - I found it made pizza unnecesary!

        1. I haven't had the margherita pizza, but the gnocchi are some of the best in the city. Portions are pretty substantial, so 1 primi and 2 secondi should be more than enough. I often skip primi and just have a secondi and a dessert. As eeee says, the bread w/ricotta and tomato sauce is a pretty good starter in itself.

          1. The gnocchi with honey braised short ribs is very good.

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              My boyfriend and I had a WONDERFUl dinner at Apizz about a month ago. He had the meatballs, which were extremely flavorful and tender. I had the gnocchi with the braised short ribs and it was one of the best dishes I've ever had...I nearly picked up my bowl and licked it clean it was that good. Great atmosphere and very attentive, yet unobtrusive service. Great place!!

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                The gnocchi and short ribs are incredible.

              2. One of my favorite places. My favorite is the Ravioli Con Zucca open ravioli, ricotta, mascarpone, caramelized butternut squash, brown butter and sage, Husband likes meatballs and short ribs. Pizzas are fantastic. Nice wine list. Nice people.

                1. I love Apizz. I've only been twice but both times have been wonderful. I'm amazed that it's not more popular than it is. Hm. Well, I guess that makes it easier for those of us in the know to get a table!

                  I LOVE the zucca ravioli and their pizzas are excellent, too. I haven't had any of the meat items but I've been told that the short ribs were amazing.

                  Oh, and the service is warm and wonderful.

                  Enjoy your night there!!!

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                    Thanks everyone for all the great recommendations! I'm pretty sure we are going to order the margherita pizza and the gnocchi. For the second entree, I guess we'll see on that day what we feel like. We are leaning toward either the meatballs or the ravioli. :)

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                      The ravioli was actually too sweet for my taste--I would highly recommend the wild boar lasagna or the skate.

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                        Just there on Saturday. We thought the pizza was rather poor, really, just flavorless and the crust was soft. Given all the great buzz about their pizza, we were sorely disappointed. We were going to have the gnocchi, but liked the looks of too many primi, so ended up with the arugula salad, terrific, but too much dressing; the pizza margherita, as noted above; the octopus which was good but nothing special; and the mushrooms with polenta--the last being the best thing, but everything was SO salty. The predominant flavor of the mushroom dish was salt. I wish, in retrospect, that we'd had the gnocchi... the bread and sauce/cheese combo was great, but that's hardly why one goes to a certain restaurant. The service was indeed nice and friendly and the room, especially if you sit in the front section, is lovely, but we were really disappointed.

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                          Was there a couple of weeks ago. Don't miss the lasagna

                    2. I just had an incredible dinner at Apizz last weekend. Start with the Apizz pizza to start and share. It's a white pizza with the freshest ricotta and sauteed spinach. It will change you.

                      1. Always go to Apizz hungry. :) The pizzas are definitely a good size for sharing. Also check to see if they have any specials. Barring that, I enthusiastically recommend the meatballs and the lasagna - hands down my favorites on the menu.