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Apr 7, 2008 09:06 AM

Recommendations for anniversary

My boyfriend and I are planning to go out for our anniversary and we are serious foodies, but our restaurant WANT list is too long. We just can't decide on which place is special enough, romantic enough, and super delicious enough to celebrate our anniversary.

So I turn to you hounders for suggestions. I'm sure you'll recommend tons of places on our list, but I'm also hoping to get some suggestions about places that should be on our list but aren't because we forgot to write them down or just haven't heard of them.


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  1. My recommendation is not based on personal experience so take it with a grain of salt, even though it is a well-meaning rec. "One if by Land, Two if by Sea" in the West Village. My food-readings reveal it to be almost-by-consensus, one of the single, most romantic restaurants in NYC. Food and service are equally impressive, so I hear. I understand that a lot of marriage proprosals, birthday and anniversary celebrations, take place there. The restaurant, I learned, allows reservations in advance, up to a maximum of 2 months, via I planned to take my girlfriend there for her birthday. I tried to book much earlier in advance, but rejected my attempt, stating it was too early. I then called the restaurant and was told the maximum advance time is 2 months. Good luck to you and congratulations.

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      My experience was a long time ago, and I do recall a recent recommendation for it for the prix fixe brunch, but a lot of posters here think that it is very expensive for the quality of the food. I'd suggest that the OP do some more research before settling on OIBL.

      That said, if food is the primary objective, which it sounds like it is, my suggestions, assuming budget isn't an issue, would be:

      Aquavit (Not so romantic, but beautiful food)
      Annisa (though it has its detractors)
      Picholine (I haven't been, but spiritchaser recently gave it a great review)