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Apr 7, 2008 09:02 AM

Places near Ashland

Hello everyone, I moved to Ashland recently and (other than John Stone's) I have had a really hard time trying to find a great place restaurant for dinner. Any suggestions would be most helpful. I love Indian, Italian, Mexican, any kind of food -- as long as it's good -- and I would like the restaurant to be within a 20-30 minute drive from Ashland.

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  1. the sherborn inn on rte 27, the oregon club on oregon road in ashland, el basha grill on rte 9 west in westborough (BYOB middle-eastern). il forno on rte 9 in westborough (BYOB - italian), the aztec (hole in the wall family run mexican) on rte 135 in framingham.

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      Sorry, are these recommendations, or do these places just happen to be nearby?

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        they are recommendations AND they are nearby, just as heatherfields asked.

    2. We live in Medway...the subburbs this far out are tough to get great meals but a few of our favorites are...Tomasso on rte 9 in southbourough, cafe 45 in medway, incontro in franklin, zebra's in medfield...great mexican at the alamo in milford.

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        I am nearby as well; for Italian, I like Prezo in Milford and Arturo's in Westborough. Prezo is fun to sit at the bar or a table in the bar and eat a decent meal (salmon and things like that are good, as well as a middle eastern salad) while watching a Sox game or Patriots. I also like John Stone's, and though it's at the mall (aka Collection), the Bistro Cafe at Nordstrom has become a favorite for a quick but good meal. I also like Incontro, and though I haven't been there since last summer, I liked 3 in Medway when we ate there. I will post again if I think of others; believe me, Bertucci's in Holliston got old a long time ago.

        1. Don't forget Sel de la Terre at the Natick Mall!

          1. I'm a fan of Stone's Public House in Ashland.


            For decent South Indian food Dakshin in Framingham works. I've never been able to find good Mexican in the western suburbs though. The Italian place I've been most satisfied with is Il Forno in westborogh, nothing to fancy but decent food and BYOB. They also make a tasty, but cheese heavy Pesto Pizza.

            1. I wouldn't recommend The Sherborn Inn for more than just drinks in the tavern. Went there a week ago and the food was just awful. I agree with the recommendation for Zebra's in Medfield. Also in Medfield, The Noon Hill Grill is also good, but I wouldn't call it great.

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                Thank you everyone for all of your suggestions!

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                  Also, for breakfast, we have had good experiences at Sunnyside Cafe in downtown Ashland (more variety than the typical breakfast place), and my favorite is Gourmet Decisions in downtown Natick. Last year, I remember that someone posted about a good Cuban sandwich at a place on 135 on the Framingham/Natick line. I forget the name of it, but there is an Edible Arrangements and a laundromat nearby. I have not been there myself. Barber's Cafe, which is on 135 near the West Natick train station has lunch type foods and they're open at dinner time. I recently had a salad that was just OK, but a really delicious tomato vegetable soup with it. I agree with JCPope; I've been to Noon Hill Grill a couple of times. The first time, we had more of a soup/sandwich/salad type meal, and were pleased, but another time, we had more like entrees; some kind of stuffed chicken breast special that the waitress highly recommended. It was OK, but the kind of place where you leave thinking "if I was going to pay $18 for an entree and salad," I wish I was more excited about it" if you know what I mean. Also, even though it's not that close, I really like Cafe Mangal in Wellesley.

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                    The place with the good Cuban sandwich on Route 135 in Framingham near the Edible Arrangements is closed. Unfortunately they didn't last long.

                    I would recommend Vela at 312 Washington Street Route 16) in Wellesley. The chef/owner was at Lucca in the North End for five years prior to opening Vela. The food is very good. Also for a more expensive evening out, Maxwell's 148 at 148 East Central Street (Route 135) in Natick is a wonderful dining experience. The food and service are outstanding. Chiara on Route 109 in Westwood is another recommendation that I don't think you can go wrong with. They do a $33.00 special for three courses Sunday through Thursday. Check out their website,

                    Bon appetit!

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                      The 33.00 special looks excellent. I think I will give it a try -- they even have wine pairings.