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Apr 7, 2008 08:54 AM

Best foodie first date in Cambridge?

So I'm on a quest for the best foodie first date in Cambridge. I have a couple ideas about it: Christina's ice cream, Le's, Formaggio Kitchen...I posted the question on my blog (, but have been greeted by meager replies and I need to come up with a good place quick! Any suggestions?

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  1. Do you want to go out to eat or just gather food? Sinceyou can't really sit and eat at Form. and Christina's is just ice cream, I'm not sure what the question is. I'd say maybe something like Miracle of Science or Garden at the Cellar or the Plough might be good for sitting and eating casual food.

    1. Sticking with the interesting food, not-too-expensive, not intimidating theme you've got going, and staying within the Cambridge city limits:

      Baraka Cafe - Algerian/Tunisian
      The Helmand - Afghan
      Mary Chung - Chinese, especially Sichuan
      Bar at Chez Henri - Cuban sandwiches
      Cafe Mami in the Porter Exchange - donburi
      Qingdao Garden - Northern-style Chinese

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        Second the bar @ Chez Henri. Casual but classy enough, won't break the bank, cozy for conversation, but enough scene for people-watching if the date goes sour.

      2. I think Baraka Cafe in Central is a great first date place on the casual side, as long as you don't mind service that may vary and take a while--it's otherwise cozy and delicious. May not be for some, given that they don't serve alcohol, but your blog suggests that you may not care about that anyway. Can always grab a fabulous drink before or after at Green Street and then meander....

        1. Well, now that the KFC is closed (kidding!), perhaps Christopher's in Porter Square might work, as it is casual, the food is mostly decent, and it's usually quiet enough for easy conversation. And if this is a big first date, they do have a fireplace in the back for a little extra romance.

          1. TW Foods hands down if your other is afoodie too it will knock hisor her socks off!!

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            1. re: Quinn823

              Yes, although don't go to TW Food if this is meant to be a casual, inexpensive date (I'm assuming it is, based on the places mentioned by the OP). Figure on $120 to $180 (give or take) for two people at TW.

              1. re: Quinn823

                Do not go there for a first date! Goodness! Talk about setting the bar too high...

                If Saturday, how about strolling the farmer's market / stalls outside the hotel that has Rialto, then down to Darwin's for a sandwich, followed by Burdick's for a little hot chocolate? You could also work in Cafe Algiers / Casablanca.

                1. re: Bob Dobalina

                  I think Bob's suggestion is just about perfect. With Darwin's, you could definitely make it a quick date (if things go bad) or a leisurely date (if things go well). Or you could bail after the farmer's market if things go really bad.

                    1. re: xiaoguniang

                      I always like to see a guy is willing to spend money and dazzle me