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Apr 7, 2008 08:48 AM

San Diego Barbecue

I was once the guest to two writers for the Voice and View Point who took me to Fargo's in Southeast San Diego. Urban legend had it that the restaurant, on Imperial Avenue, was once the site of a gas station. Is Fargo's still around? I recall the ribs and chicken were sensational.


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  1. You might want to try Huffmans, they are located in the same area. They are a take out place, with a few tables. Word to the rise, figure out what you want before you get to the register, there coudl be a line and people, and the staff are not that chatty.

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      Hey normalheightsfoodie--I was just driving down Adams in your 'hood an saw a sign for Be Back Barbecue near The Olde Sod. Know anything about that place?

        1. re: nessy

          I have not tried it yet, But as soon as I do, I will let you all know.

      1. San Diego BBQ is an incredible disappointment. Phil's gets most of the love from people, but I'm not impressed; Kansas City BBQ is awful; and Baby Back Jack's in Hillcrest is mediocre. I think the best I've had in SD was from Bekker's, but that was catered for a party-- and catering is all they do.

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          Actually, the original owners of Bekker's are back in business. The new place is called West Coast BBQ. It's on Lake Murray Blvd. at El Paso in the Ross Dress for Less shopping center. Their meat has a visible smoke ring, it's pretty decent and they're usually only open for dinner so the meat can cook all day. You can do sit-down or take-out. Some of their sides are excellent, so not so much. Stay away from the cobbler for dessert. I think it's better than Phil's.

          There is no relationship between Bekker's and West Coast BBQ other than the same family started both ventures. They sold Bekker's and then took a 5 year hiatus until they opened West Coast about a year ago.

          The BBQ Pit on Fletcher Parkway in Fletcher Hills (of all places) does a pretty respectable BBQ, though I think West Coast is better.

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            Max, when did you try Bekker's Catering? Would it happen to be within the last 6 years (during the switch of ownership DiningDiva mentions)?

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              Geekyfoodie: My Bekker's experience was quite a while ago--at least 5 years, maybe longer. I just remember it as the only truly good BBQ I've enjoyed in SD. It was at a cookout my ex-boss had. She lived in La Mesa and I think Bekker's was located nearby. Since then, I've mostly done my own grilling at home.

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                Thanks for this post. I hired Bekkers almost ten years ago for a company function, and couldn't remember their name until just now.

                I recall their food ten years ago being really good. Glad to hear they have a a restaurant now. Might have to check it out next time I'm in that part of the world.

          2. It sure sounds like a description of Huffman's. It's our favorite spot for bbq. Located on Imperial, just wast of Euclid. Also love their fried chicken.

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              Huiffman's is good if you prefer lightly smoked meats. If you prefer heavier smoking, then you might want to give Barnes in Lemon Grove a try. Barnes uses Oak lump charcoal, so it is a very heavy smoke flavor, not for everyone. Huffman's BBQ sauce is my favorite of the BBQ places I've tried. And their baked beans, with bits of BBQ pork, are about the best I've tried also.

            2. Looks like Fargo is still around, they show up in the Yellow Pages at:
              7909 Jamacha Rd San Diego CA 92114

              I only went there once, maybe ten years ago, and thought their BBQ was OK, but not worth the drive. IIRC, their ribs are served wet, and I wasn't that crazy about their BBQ sauce.

              1. There is also Joey's Smokin BBQ, they have few locations around San Diego.

                I like their pulled pork and chicken.