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Largest selection of Hot Sauces

Other than my best friend's Scotch Bonnet sauce, I have found the selection of hot sauces pretty poor in Toronto. I use to do a lot of travelling, and there is a place in Ottawa about 500 square feet that only sold hot sauces and thing related to spicy. It is called Chilly Chiles http://www.chillychiles.com/ . It is great. Anyone know of something similar in The Big Smoke? Anywhere where there is a real, and I mean real good selection of hot sauces?

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  1. Try Taste the 4th Sense at Broadview and Danforth...that is pretty much all they sell, hot sauces.

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      Better look for it at Chester and Danforth or you will never find it. It's a few doors west of Alex Farm Products.

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        Oops, what the heck was I thinking. Thanks foodydudey!

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          They're at St Jacobs, too, in the Riverworks building

      2. Yup. It's called "Taste, the Fourth Sense" on the Danforth.


        1. If you're ever out in Burlington, there is a place called Pete's Pepper Palace downtown.
          They only sell hot sauces!
          399 Elizabeth St.

          Pete's Pepper Palace
          399 Elizabeth St, Burlington, ON L7R, CA

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            I forgot to add the website..I've had friends use their shipping service..

          2. Actually I think I may have the biggest selection. But they are in my personal collection.

            Yup - definately go to Taste the 4th Sense.

            For hot sauce info check out www.hotsauceblog.com.

            1. Oh - some people may say The Instant Cateterer at St. Lawrence Market (should actually be called the Instant Rip-Off). They may have lots of sauces but about a third are all the sames sauces slapped with a differrent label on them. Be very cautious about any sauce that is made by a company called Peppers. They are just junk sauces.

              1. A man in Kensington Market named Paris (I think) used to sell one of the best hot sauces (maybe it should be described as more of a salsa, although a number of his flavours were pretty hot) I've ever had. He used to sell them from a folding table outside one of the other stores there. I heard that he died a few years ago, sadly, and I haven't found anything I've liked as much since then. If someone could resurrect his various recipies (I think that they were family recipes from Jamaica) and produce them again I would be willing to pay a lot more than the $7 he was charging for the sauces, if I recall correctly.

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                  IF my memory was right, he sold them under the lable "Jungle Boy". They were amazing.

                2. Bumping this old thread, I'd like to try some new hot sauces (starting with the milder end of things! i'm just a white dude who doesn't eat the super hot stuff) north of the 401. I heard someone mention on a forum theres a place at Vaughan Mills but I can't find details on it now. Anyone know of anything NOT in Downtown Toronto but north of the 401?

                  Thanks in advance!

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                    For all you hot sauce lovers out there.....

                    It seems Taste, the 4th Sense on the Danforth is closing up shop. Sign on the window today. Might be a good chance to pick up a few bargains. I believe the sign said this weekend is the last day.

                  2. im sorry to heare about taste the 4th goin down but its no surprize really, they were overpriced for a lot of thier stuff.. on the topic of hot sauces has anyone seen Virginia Gentleman Bourbon Chipotle Hot Sauce around anywhere?? i have tried all the places here but they all seem to carry mostly the "relabled hot sauces" and the like.


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                      Drove by a location at 329 Lakeshore Road in Port Credit the other day. Not sure if this is relocated from the Danforth or not. And yes they were overpriced.

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                        Hi all,

                        Just wanted to make mention of the Harbourfront's Hot & Spicy Food Festival - on September 2-5, 2011. Went last year and ended up going back a second day to stock up on more incredible sauces! these were out-of-this-world fantastic, and seeing as some of the vendors are up from the islands for that one weekend, you'll not want to miss this amazing opportunity to pick some up!

                        There is also these guys, and looks like they sell online - amazing sauces - www.eadreyfoods.ca

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                        Hello All,

                        Taste, the 4th sense has opened a store in port credit. All the same products as the danforth store.