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Apr 7, 2008 08:37 AM

Largest selection of Hot Sauces

Other than my best friend's Scotch Bonnet sauce, I have found the selection of hot sauces pretty poor in Toronto. I use to do a lot of travelling, and there is a place in Ottawa about 500 square feet that only sold hot sauces and thing related to spicy. It is called Chilly Chiles . It is great. Anyone know of something similar in The Big Smoke? Anywhere where there is a real, and I mean real good selection of hot sauces?

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  1. Try Taste the 4th Sense at Broadview and Danforth...that is pretty much all they sell, hot sauces.

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      Better look for it at Chester and Danforth or you will never find it. It's a few doors west of Alex Farm Products.

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        Oops, what the heck was I thinking. Thanks foodydudey!

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          They're at St Jacobs, too, in the Riverworks building

      2. Yup. It's called "Taste, the Fourth Sense" on the Danforth.

        1. If you're ever out in Burlington, there is a place called Pete's Pepper Palace downtown.
          They only sell hot sauces!
          399 Elizabeth St.

          Pete's Pepper Palace
          399 Elizabeth St, Burlington, ON L7R, CA

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            I forgot to add the website..I've had friends use their shipping service..

          2. Actually I think I may have the biggest selection. But they are in my personal collection.

            Yup - definately go to Taste the 4th Sense.

            For hot sauce info check out

            1. Oh - some people may say The Instant Cateterer at St. Lawrence Market (should actually be called the Instant Rip-Off). They may have lots of sauces but about a third are all the sames sauces slapped with a differrent label on them. Be very cautious about any sauce that is made by a company called Peppers. They are just junk sauces.