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Apr 7, 2008 08:28 AM

Dinner Rec Homestead (Pgh)?

The missus and I are going to a concert at the Carnegie Library at Homestead on Saturday, and are staying at a hotel (Courtyard Pittsburgh West Homestead/Waterfront)nearby. Any recommendations for dinner nearby? Nothing too fancy, "ethnic" perfectly acceptable (except sushi).
We are driving in that afternoon, so we're looking for something as close to either the hotel or the library as possible.Also, breakfast spot recommendations are welcome!

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  1. There is not much around the Library. Its in a residential area. Your best bets are down the Waterfront. Mitchells for good fish, Eat-n-Park for a hearty breakfast. Up on 8th ave. in Homestead are the Upper Deck, and MeLyng for Chinese/Vietnamese-although its been a while since I have been to those. Bravo Italia is a decent Italian place near the loews theater in the Waterfront although I think its a chain, but far above the Olive Garden in quality/menu. Most of the places down there are chains, but up-scale compared to the usual TGIF/Applebees kind of thing. Hope the concert is good. I haven't been to the Library in ages but remember checking out books there as a child. Apparently it has been quite nicely restored.

    1. Unfortunately most of the restaurants in that area are chains. I own a business in West Homestead and often end up making the drive up to Squirrel Hill/Shadyside for lunch though I do frequent Me Lyng, the close ethnic in the area.

      I'd recommend the 10-15 min. drive to either South Side or the Shadyside/Squirrell Hill area. For a nice Italian meal check out Girasole in Shadyside:

      Panini Guy gave a good run down of South Side restaurants here:

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