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Apr 7, 2008 07:59 AM

Caterer in Hopewell/Ewing NJ area

Looking for a good caterer for party of 30? or so. Any suggestions/input welcome. Thanks

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  1. We are big fans of Brothers Moon, as a restaurant, and so we used them to cater our wedding (150 people) and we were very pleased, as were our guests. One of the standouts was a shredded chicken taco; we also loved the steak with cabrales.

    1. Second brownie re: Brothers Moon. Very creative and tasty.

      Chamber's Walk in Lawrenceville is reliable and professional. Their food is good and the menu options are varied and flexible (they prepare flavorful dishes from a number of ethnic/regional cuisines).

      Also in Lawrenceville, the Lawrenceville Inn now focuses exclusively on catering events. I've only been to events at the Inn; not sure if they cater off-site. More traditional food than either Brothers Moon or Chambers Walk.

        1. I like Brothers Moon the restaurant - haven't tried them for catering.

          Have used Chambers Walk for catering and would recommend them. Restaurant is good, too.

          1. I have used Fabulous Feasts in Stockton, NJ several times and have been delighted.