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Apr 7, 2008 07:51 AM

The Dray in Ballard

Does anyone know if The Dray in Ballard, 708 NW 65th is open yet? If so, has anyone been yet? Here is the website:

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  1. They had a handwritten open sign up the other night, so, yes, I'd say it's open. Haven't gone yet. Possibly next weekend.

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        1. re: not the bad Steve

          I went to tigertail and The Dray was open and had people in it.

          I'm probably going to hit the Dray tonight--will report back!!

          1. re: allisonw

            Ok, we went in tonight. The place seats around 30 people. 6 or so at the bar, three tables of four, low seating in the windows. 12 beers on tap, 2 wines by the bottle, three sammiches. Interior is really cool looking, salvaged clear cedar paneling and a bar made out of a log. They have a couple flat screen TVs, not too distracting, on with no sound.

            My BF had 2 beers, I had 2 glasses of wine, and we split two sammiches. At $40 it seemed a little spensive, but the sammiches were well prepared and the service sincere. They are "officially" opening this coming Friday. I hope they do well, and see myself coming back.

            12 beers on tap might be a little ambitious for a bar that small, will they be able to keeps the beers flowing enough to be fresh??

    1. I had an espresso drink here today and it was excellent. (Substantially better than Cafe Bambino, I will admit with mixed feelings.) They use Stumptown beans. I'd suggest that they consider opening before 9AM daily to get the before-work caffeine crowd.

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      1. re: prosthete

        The owners are totally open to suggestions, so tell them what you think next time you drop in.

        1. re: prosthete

          So I could pick up a coffee *and* a growler for work?

          Excellent idea. =)

          1. re: jaydeflix

            The official opening was tonight. I drove by at 8 and ten, the place looked pretty packed.

        2. We hit the official opening last night. The person who I presume is the owner was very nice and explained to us his vision of the place. Unfortunately, I probably only got about half of it as there were many people and lots of noise. The place was packed with people, many of which, not unexpectedly, appeared to be friends and family.

          From what I could tell, his vision is to serve sandwiches on Macrina Bakery (I think that's what I remember) rolls. Besides that, I don't think they had too much more food to offer. The real reason to visit this place is a dedication to beer. They've got the 12 taps. And they are acquiring an extensive collection of bottles that you can either drink there or take home with you. It is not a cheap place to grab a drink, though.