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Apr 7, 2008 07:44 AM

Crawfish in Athens GA

Does anyone know a good place in the Athens area to try and get live crawfish? Or lacking that, if you can catch them here? Thanks.

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  1. no. the seafood situation in athens is disgraceful. let me know if you have any luck! I'm dying for some crawfish and, now that its getting warmer, some soft shell crab.

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    1. re: batdown

      You had to bring up softshell crab. Now I'm craving all sorts of seafood goodness. Had some shrimp andouille jambalaya tonight and it just became unsatisfying. Thanks. Jk. If I find some I'll let you know, hell, might invite to the boil, always good to meet new people right?

    2. I occasionally see live crayfish at the HMart in Duluth. Unfortunately, there's not an easy way to call ahead to see if they have anything in stock. You can also try Boudreaux's. They are in Duluth as well.