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Apr 7, 2008 07:40 AM

Seeking PuPu Platter Goodness in WRox/Ros/B'line area

I'm looking to take the kids out for the goofy, Chinese-American delights of the pupu platter. Ideally with all the cheesy trappings of the Tiki Lounge era.

Any recommendations for this area (Roslindale, West Roxbury, Newton, Brookline)?

Is the South Pacific still open in Newton? And has anyone been in Tahiti in Dedham (the soulless exterior leads me to believe that the bar trade may be more important)?

Any suggestions are welcomed. And although quality is not foremost in my mind, let me know if someone excels at the platter.

Anyone suggesting Pu-Pu Palace in West Roxbury is automatically disqualified -- as my better half once remarked after a meal there: "I'd be disappointed if I got this in a mall food court".

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  1. Spring Garden in W. Roxbury has Pu-Pu platters and fun drinks. Pretty fresh and decent. Atmosphere is pretty tame tiki bar! South Pacific *is* still there....right down the street from my house, but I've never been there so I can't vouch either way.

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      South Pacific has to be a front for some illicit operation. It can't possibly survive by selling that disgusting food to people!

      You can get a decent PuPu platter at The Wok, on Route 9 in Wellelsey. Unfortunately the setting is just generic suburban Chinese restaurant. No camp at all.

    2. The Tahiti in Dedham is you best bet for a campy feel. Its still very family friendly inside a little run down but not gross. The food is generic run of the mill chinese nothing to write home about but edible. You can get coctails in plastic coconuts and such virgin cocktails too I believe

      1. I'm a long time fan of Chef Chang's on Beacon Street near Kenmore Square for pupu platters. To really kitsch it up, some people really like the Golden Temple further West on Beacon Street in Washington Square. I've always been turned off by their prices but it might fit the bill.