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Apr 7, 2008 06:41 AM

No kosher for Pesach Stick margarine

anyone know why it's not being manufactured?

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  1. I didn't know that was the case, but I was in Jewel (Evanston, IL) yesterday, and people were complaining about that. I grabbed a tub and went on my way. I know Manischewitz was having a problem and there will be no K for P Tam Tams! Who makes the stick margarine?

    1. Is this restricted to margarine or to butter as well?

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      1. The only stick margarine that I've seen is a HaOlam brand 1 lb. bar (rather than 4 separate sticks). I hear that in some areas they are very hard to come by.

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          This is so strange, why sould the shape be an issue. The only conclusion is that there is only one manufacturer of kosher for passover margerine and everyone is rebranding it, and for some reason that one manufacturer is not making stick margerine this year. If there were many manufacturers of margerine around then the probability that all would be non-producing the stick varient of margerine this year would be remote.

          1. re: MartyB

            the reason the stick is an issue is because most recipes call for a "stick" of margarine. I bought the tubs and we'll have to measure out a "stick"

            1. re: berel

              I may be wrong, but I hear that tub margarine may not be a good substitute for stick margarine in some recipes (particularly baking?). I think that tub margarine has added water. The HaOlam one lb. bar of margarine that is available, but I understand not so easy to find, would probably be better for these purposes.

              1. re: Bzdhkap

                I asked in Brachts if they had stick margarine and they told me "forgetaboutit"

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                  I can happily report that Ann Amernick's famous Passover chocolate cake recipe worked fine for me with tub margarine (Mother's unsalted for Passover) with the following adjustment to the recipe:

                  Instead of 1 stick unsalted margarine at room temperature, I used 12 oz tub margarine, and added 2 teaspoons of Passover veggie oil to the margarine and sugar mixture (I added a teaspoon at a time until the mixture had the appearance I'm used to it having when I make the cake with regular pareve margarine - you may need to add more or less). The baking time was about 45 minutes, but that may also vary quite a bit depending on lots of variables other than just the margarine - so monitor it carefully after the first 30 minutes.

                  1. re: FirstAvenue

                    Can you post a link to this recipe?

                    Thank you.

                2. re: berel

                  Shouldn't be hard, 1 stick = 1/2 tub,

                  1. re: MartyB

                    Most bakers will tell you not to do it. Tub margarine or margarine spread has much more water in it than stick margarine. You will get different results and, depending on the recipe, a possible failure. If there's not other choice, though, I might give it a go.

                    1. re: rockycat

                      Funny, I thought tub margerine was just that, margerine in a tub.

                      I am curious, is there a difference between stick butter and butter in a tub?

                      1. re: MartyB

                        seems there is, the emulsion equation is diiferent

                        there's a internet comic who goes by the title "100 reasons why stick margarine is better than Tub margarine" go figure.

                      2. re: rockycat

                        This is the conversion recipe in the Cleveland Jewish newspaper:

                        "For baked goods, Kekst recommends thickening 8 ounces of margarine with 1/4 teaspoon of potato starch dissolved in 3/4 teaspoons of melted, cooled margarine. To thicken tub margarine for glazes or for cake batter, add a small amount of walnut or vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon coffee. If it does not appear to thicken adequately, repeat process."

                        I don't understand the coffee addition. Wouldn't that just be adding extra water to the already water-boosted margarine?

                        I guess we will be chopping up the one-pound block of Haolam, or whatever is available. That shouldn't be too hard. I will just think fond thoughts of my Grandma while I chop away! Hey- it's only 8 days!

                        1. re: p.j.

                          I had assumed that they meant a teaspoon of instant coffee crystals, rather than already-made coffee. I still don't understand the recommendation, though - it has a strong flavor of its own that will influence your baked goods, and I've never heard of it having thickening properties.

                          1. re: GilaB

                            I agree with you, GilaB, and that is why I didn't think they meant instant coffee. Bizarre addition, I think. Never underestimate the possiblility of a gross typographical error, either. The whole thing sounds like a lot of "potchkying" as my beloved Grandma would say.

                            Chopping the block of solid margarine into 4 sticks sounds a lot easier. I have always used the width of my thumbnail to measure a tablespoon of butter/margarine.

              2. Mother's KFP stick margarine is available on the West Coast.

                1. This article in the Cleveland Jewish News addresses the stick margarine shortage, and how to substitute tub margarine if necessary:

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                  1. re: Bzdhkap

                    thanks, I forwarded the article to Mrs. berel as she does the baking