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Apr 7, 2008 05:45 AM

Sakurabana Rt. 59 Ctrl. Nyack All You Can Eat

On Saturday, I drove by the Stop & Shop in Central Nyack. There was a sign for AYCE Sushi. Later I stopped in for dinner. The price is $19.99 for dinner. The deal is typical of most AYCE Japanese restaurants, but what set this apart was a large assortment on cooked food you could order. Noodles, tempura, terriaki dishes, soups, etc. They even have sashimi on the AYCE. Overall the food was what you would expect from AYCE, the salmon sashimi was very good, the yellow tail was too mushy. It was on par with what you would get at say East in quality. I was too full to try any of the cooked menu items, but what I saw coming out looked good. I look forward to going there again. Lunch is 14.99, and I think kids were about 12.99.

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  1. There's a "review" of this place in today's Journal News. .If you get sushi or rolls, do they overload it with rice as many of the AYCE places do? Also, how long does it take to get food given that you have to order it and have them bring it to you and the portions are small (according to the article).

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      Deven and Jill's review sums it up well. When I was there they didn't overload on rice + there were sashimi options. If you think the rice is too much, you could always take some off and eat it with your sashimi? When I was there, there were about 8 people in the place, it was a Saturday night at around 8. The orders did come out pretty slowly, and I remember thinking they could use another staff member. I'm looking forward to going back for another try. + it's BYOB with a liquor store 2 doors down, and they will heat up your sake.

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        I've ordered off the regular menu and taken the AYCE option at Sakurabana, and I haven't seen any difference in the rice:fish ratio. As to timing, our experience differs somewhat from Michele's. We initially checked off a number of options on the menu-checklist and the food started coming almost too quickly, so that the table was filled with little plates and bowls. Then it slowed down to a more leisurely pace, but we never had to wait an inordinate amount of time. Plus there were two servers, and probably just another 4 tables and one couple at the sushi bar.

    2. Sakurabana report: Good food, horrifying service. Walked in & was told to wait for the table to be cleaned. After almost 10 minutes we took it upon ourselves to sit at the dirty table. Then we had to beg to get a menu. We never did get napkins or chopsticks or silverware until after our food came & we had to ask for it. The 2 of us ordered only a few things, which less than half showed up. When we asked the waitress where the food was, she gave us a menu thinking that we wanted more food as opposed to what we actually ordered. Which made us confused, do we order the same & risk getting a double order & wasting food--or do we wait & likely get nothing. We then spoke to the manager who apologized. We still never got our whole order. Then they took away our chopsticks & didn't replace them. I actually wound up eating with my hands b/c it seemed impossible to get their help. We actually walked out of there hungry b/c it took so incredibly long to get everything & it was all piecemeal with no rhyme or reason. For example the salad would come in the middle of the meal, which might be ok if you were at least getting most of what you ordered. We didn't want to wait anymore to give our slip to the server, & then wonder if the food would actually arrive, all the while watching these poor servers killing themselves literally running to serve the food- it was a very stressful experience. It's too bad b/c the food was pretty good. Maybe if enough people complain to the manager as we did, they'll eventually hire more people. I'll never know, as I will never ever go back.

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        I was there on Friday night, and the service was actually better then the 1st time. It was at about 6:15, I sat at the sushi bar. It was not too too crowded, but if there were any more people arriving I could see what happened to you happening. Often when a place is reviewed, if they aren't up for the rush they just can't handle it. Was it crowded when you went in? I think my 1st experience of slow service was from it not being busy enough. Sometimes when a place isn't busy, the staff lose their rhythm and are more scattered. If you enjoyed the food enough, I would say give them another chance to get their act together, if not, then forget it. In regards to the food I ate, the age tofu (sp?) was really good. I really do not like their spicing of the spicy tuna, they must use a lot of chili powder in it, it is not pleasing to me at all.

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