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Apr 6, 2008 09:04 PM

RW impressions -- fair or not?

While I can see where a lot of people come from when they say you cannot judge restaurants by an RW experience, I actually disagree.

Maybe this is a tad unrealistic or unreasonable (although I don't think this is), but any restaurant that takes itself seriously, will make consistently good food no matter the circumstances.

Especially seafood, execution is key. Fish leaves little room for error (besides salmon, if you botch salmon you really suck). There are such things as off nights, however, and maybe I should give Oceannaire another chance. But, first impressions mean a lot to me. I really have no good reason to go back, meaning, I want to be impressed and regret my initial evaluation. If I'm going back for a merely decent experience, I'd rather not go back at all. There hasn't been a review or any news that would make me consider such an endeavor. The food was so underwhelming the first time. And I want to clarify one more time, I didn't even order off the restaurant week menu. I ordered off their regular menu, and was sorely disappointed.

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  1. I agree the food should be great whether restaurant wk or not! ...but lots of places have to gear a menu towards the sheer volume, demand, & pace that is not typical of the usual setting there. Most restaurants have back to back reservations during RW for every time slot & are basically "mass producing". That needs to be considered.