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Apr 7, 2008 04:02 AM

Umstead (Cary) bar and food

This is obviously the place for wealthy local singles, both young and old(er) as well as guests of this 4 -star hotel. We saw a very famous sports figure there. Elegant and yet comfortable surroundings that look out upon their patio and lake. An extensive menu for a "bar" as they offered starters, soups, salads and entrees. This Saturday night they had a piano player singing unobtrusively in the corner. We tried the tasso ham doughnuts - be sure and eat the ham with the doughnuts and dip in the cilantro cream or else it will seem rather bland. Salmon tartare was ok but could have used a bit more zip or acid. I liked the complimentary starter of nuts and olives.

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  1. Care to share who the celebrity was?

    What were the prices like in the bar?

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        Michael Jordan...heard we missed Beyonce by one day! Wines were $10 and up per glass. We had 4 glasses of wine, 2 apps, 1 salad and one entree (steak) and it was $116 + tip.

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          How was the rest of your meal? I have been wondering what the deal is since their chef left.

          1. re: nekst

            husband and I decided it was just ok...we've had better for less on many occasions.

      2. Is this Heron's? I had one dinner there, a drug-company-meal, which usually means less than stellar, compared to the "regular" experience at the restaurant. As usual, things were hectic, there weren't enough seats for the participants, entrees were okay, but not great. The atmosphere is quite serene and beautiful, though. I would love to spend a night in the hotel, and experience the whole "Spa" atmosphere.


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          It wasn't Heron's, it was the Umstead's bar....but wouldn't you think that they share a kitchen and maybe that the same chef oversees both?