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Seeking sesos (brains)

markewallace Apr 6, 2008 11:24 PM

My 9-year old daughter has fallen in love with Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods show, and she is gradually checking some of her "bizarre foods to try" off of her list. Last week she had and LOVED the lengua tacos (though not really that "bizarre) at the FM 620 Taqueria Guadalajara. She was disappointed that they didn't actually have the sesos tacos, even though they were on the menu. Now she has set daddy off in search of some good sesos.

We're in Cedar Park, so I'm expecting to have to travel a bit to find sesos on the menu. Can anyone here point me towards a good place? Even a cart would be fine, but since this will be a first for both of us, we want it to be good. Doesn't have to be fancy (in fact, I'd prefer that it wasn't); just good.



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    achtungpv Apr 7, 2008 05:35 AM

    Aranda's has sesos on the menu. Once she gets past that, see if any place in town serves ojo (eye) tacos.

    1. Nab Apr 7, 2008 07:11 AM

      In addition to Arandas, Taqueria las Chivas also has sesos on the menu (though I haven't tried them yet).

      TLC was mentioned in this thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/439450

      I haven't seen ojo tacos around town yet, though I'm sure somebody's got em. I'll keep an eye out, har-dee-har-har.

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      1. re: Nab
        Knoblauch Apr 7, 2008 09:36 AM

        The one time I tried to order the sesos at Taquería las Chivas, they didn't have any. If anyone finds a day of the week or time of day that they are available, I'd be interested to hear about it.

        1. re: Knoblauch
          Nab Apr 8, 2008 07:31 AM

          Knoblauch & others -

          I would just call 'em in advance, to be sure. They're on the menu, but since there's only one brain per cabeza, I'm sure there's some variability in their availability.

          Menu (1 page of it):
          (sesos on the bottom left


          Taqueria las Chivas Jalisco
          2620 South I-35
          Austin, TX 78704

          1. re: Nab
            MPH Apr 20, 2008 04:51 PM

            Sesos are on the menu at Taquería Arandinas on East Riverside, too:


            However, that doesn't mean that they'll be serving them the day you visit. You could always call or go by to check it out, though.

        2. re: Nab
          markewallace Apr 7, 2008 11:43 PM

          >> I'll keep an eye out, har-dee-har-har. <<

          That was a pretty cornya joke. (misspell intentional) :-)

          Thanks for the suggestion and link!

          - Mark

        3. n
          NirvRush Apr 7, 2008 05:09 PM

          what else does she have on her list? just curious. =)

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          1. re: NirvRush
            markewallace Apr 7, 2008 11:40 PM

            Well, she squealed with delight at Nab's suggestion of ojo tacos. I question whether or not she'd actually eat them, but interest is a good start.

            Other things: pig cheek, caviar (I know, not bizarre, but it is for her at only age 9), bull's balls, llama jerky (again, not that bizarre), armadillo stew, and I'm sure many others.

            - Mark

            1. re: markewallace
              bookgrrl72 Apr 8, 2008 09:28 AM

              Good god, your daughter is more adventurous than most adults I know! Kudos to you!

              1. re: bookgrrl72
                markewallace Apr 8, 2008 04:50 PM

                Well, thank you! I'm not quite sure where she gets that. Some of it comes from me and my wife for sure, but there has just always been a side of her that is just more culturally aware (in more ways than food) than many other kids. By age five she was already quite fond of squid (not just fried), eel, and snails. She also liked the tripe tacos that I had the other day.

                - Mark

          2. mevans4aus Apr 7, 2008 07:52 PM

            I there is something important to consider.
            BSE / Mad Cow


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            1. re: mevans4aus
              markewallace Apr 7, 2008 11:41 PM

              Interesting. Thanks.

              - Mark

            2. Kaya_n_Austin Apr 10, 2008 08:43 AM

              Mmmm...lengua! I haven't been able to try sesos in town but then I usually don't call in advance either. I did have absolutely wonderful sweetbreads at Wink last fall and also in San Antonio at Rosario's, where they are a daily menu item and offered prepared several different ways. You can still find tripas at a few places...your daughter should try those as well. I love mine grilled crispy with onions and served in corn tortillas with a verde salsa. Yum! What about menudo? Does she want to try tripe? Taqueria Arandas on Stassney or the one on S. 1st serves a decent menudo. I also like Nuevo Leon and Joe's Bakery for menudo. Someone out there may know of a better place---I usually make it at home so I haven't tried it at many restaurants.

              1. m
                MoDean Aug 22, 2009 12:24 PM

                Reviving this thread--does anyone have sesos anymore? I've tried Arandas, Arandinas, and Taqueria las Chivas (which is now boarded up), along with about a zillion trailers, and I'm coming up empty-handed. Any tips?

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                1. re: MoDean
                  SpencerCFord Sep 12, 2009 10:25 AM

                  I think they are no longer available because of Mad cow disease. If you do find them, I would be lerry. They are probably not coming from a legitmate meat distributor. You would pretty much just have to go to Mexico to find this

                  1. re: SpencerCFord
                    SAguy Dec 2, 2009 11:45 AM

                    Most shops that sell beef barbacoa on the weekends have cesos and ojos...
                    The Federal govenment did ban beef brain stem for awhile, but they are back on the market...and if you eat beef, where other than texas would you want your beef and beef by products. I trust texas cows before a goat from mexico any day.

                  2. re: MoDean
                    sqwertz Sep 13, 2009 08:52 PM

                    Cow brains and eyes cannot be lawfully sold for human consumption or cosmetic use. Calf brains, OTOH, are legal in some circumstances, IIRC. I think It only applies to cows over 30 months old, or some such age.

                    There's always pig brains and lamb brains.


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