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Birch Juice... Does it exist in North America? HELP

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I'm Russian and I have looked everywhere for this juice, but none of the places have it (online, offline, specialty, etc). Some Russian grocery stores have a cheaper, diluted version that tastes quite differently from non diluted birch tree juice (the fake version is heavily diluted with lemon juice, sugar, and water). I really really miss this traditional food, and I would pay a higher price just to get the authentic birch juice. Is there any possible way to get it here in US or Canada, other than ordering directly from Ukraine or Russia?

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  1. I miss it too and have never found it. We do, however, make it we tap both our maple and birch trees and while I have out the equipment boil each down into syrup.
    Xrestos Voskres!

    1. i'm not sure if you're looking for syrup or some sort of birch juice i'm not familiar with-- does this link help?


      1. I don't have a source for you, but can anyone explain what this tastes like? I'm intrigued.

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          Birch juice, tastes a bit like watery maple syrup, but lighter, not as heavy a sugar content or naturally a maple flavor. A bit like chicken (I'm sorry I couldn't resist.),
          Really, very refreshing.

        2. In New England we don't have Birch Juice, but we do drink White Birch Beer.

          1. They sell it in Brighton Beach in New York City, I bought some yesterday at M&I International, but they probably have it in other stores too.
            They carry the sweetened version as well as 100% pure juice.

            1. I'm in Michigan and I have occassionally found it at Hiller's, a small chain of grocery stores that specializes in carrying lots of ethnic and import items. It's been from different suppliers each time, so I wonder if it is difficult for them to get, but I try to encourage them by buying it. It is delicious and refreshing--like a very subtle apple or grape juice, but much less sweet.

              1. BTW the distributor of the 100% pure birch juice I found - which is indeed totally delicious! - is Adamba, maybe you can contact them and ask. Their website is http://adamba.com/

                1. I just found some 100% pure birch juice at a store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. The store is Nature's Garden, 750 Manhattan Ave. The brand is Vavel, whose sauerkraut and other foods I've also seen around town. I picked this stuff on a whim and I have to admit I'm totally addicted to it now. The day after I bought it I went back and stocked up on two more bottles. It is crisp and refreshing when refrigerated or poured over some ice. It almost has the flavor of a grain alcohol without the bite but it is more green and healthful tasting. What a wonderful treat. I hope you (original poster) are able to locate some. And yes, the importer that is listed on my bottles is the same as posted by Bambellini, Adamba. I guess this company is located somewhere in the industrial area of Bushwick, as their zip code is 11237.

                  1. My sister and her husband in WI tap their trees. My husband once bought birch syrup in Alaska.

                    1. I just found this Canadian company


                      with Birch sap products!

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                        If you don,t mind 100% plain natural birch juice taken from Latvian and Whiterussian trees, free fron conservants and sugar etc... You can buy from Poland. Just get in touch (bombolulu@aol.pl) or phone +48 32 2737267 or +48502928224

                      2. i have it at the store i work at......

                        1. are you in chicago? or did u find it already?