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Apr 6, 2008 10:55 PM

One Dinner Open -- St. Louis

I'll be coming back into town for a family wedding at the end of the month. Given the reception and the rehearsal dinners, I'm selecting one other dinner with family. Price is not a huge concern, but I may be picking up this check instead of letting Dad get it.

I love Tony's, and we've been loyal for decades, but I really don't want to dress up and go downtown on a night when there's a ballgame. I've heard very good things about Pomme, in Clayton, and that may be where we end up. Any feedback or special or best dishes there?

Other possibilities: Harvest -- heard great things, never been.
An American Place -- they seem to have a great prix fixe deal.
Iron Barley -- is it just too informal and maybe loud?
Niche -- I know its winning praise, but I didn't like the online menu.
Sidney Street Cafe -- Ate there in the early years, no prices on online menu.
Zinnea's -- RIP, had some fine and fun meals there.

Information, feedback, recommendations and reviews appreciated. Staying in Clayton.

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  1. Here's my 2 cents:

    Iron Barley - I live in the area and to be honest, while it's a great place to eat w/friends, I would not want to take a large party there (or even my mom and dad, who are older). More of a fun, informal place - neighborhood right around there is NOT great as well.

    Zinnia's - are you talking about Zinnia's in Webster? On Big Bend? Big purple place? It is still around. Might be a good choice.

    I think for where you are staying and for pretty much of a sure thing - great food, atmosphere, suitability, I'd pick Harvest. It's close to Clayton, an excellent restaurant and can't imagine anyone having a bad time there.

    Good luck!

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      Nope Zinnia's was in the paper last week.
      Every time I've been to Iron Barley, it's had at least one big party there (complete with older folks.) I think as long as you avoid a weekend night after 6pm, you'll be ok in terms of noise. Check their website to make sure there's no live band and you'd be fine. You are right- it is informal.
      It was on Food network last night so it may have a bump in popularity for a little while.

      Have a nice visit!

    2. We had our anniversary dinner at Harvest last week and it continues to be an exceptional dining experience.

      1. My pick of this list would be Harvest -- I've never been disappointed by the food, the service, or the wine. A couple of friends went to American Place recently and they raved about it for weeks -- so much so that it's risen to the top of my "got-to-get-to" list, but I can't tell you from experience what it's like. And yes, sadly, Zinnia just closed.

        Save Our Seeds: Eat Them!

        1. I had my wedding rehearsal dinner at Niche and couldn't have been more happy. I'm sure Chef Craft will be more than happy to discuss the menu with you for your private party. Our evening was amazing and the food was spectacular as usual. I went to a dinner meeting/presentation there for work and they appetizers that they had (they were off menu) were outstanding. I would not pass this opportunity up to have an amazing rehearsal dinner.

          Sidney Street is a great spot as well. Around the same price range as Niche. I don't think they have a private dining room. I could be wrong. They do, however, allow smoking so be aware of that.

          Iron Barley is very very casual compared to these other spots and doesn't seem to fit with your selections. They do make some good chili though.

          I have to be honest when I say I have never really enjoyed Harvest. The only thing I liked was their bread pudding.