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Gastropod - Vancouver

Did Gastropod recently. (kinda sounds like a medical procedure, no? maybe a small digital device to listen to your digestive noises? ... I digress) Very nice. Food porn, but if you are into that there's some very clever stuff going on there. Some sous-vide practices. Always interesting tastes, textures, colours. Restaurant food for both sides of the brain. The menu lists 3, 5 and 8 course tasting menus but all items also show a la carte prices. Friendly, adept service. It's one of those places you could probably just close your menu, trust the chef to send out what he wants, and have a great time. That's rare.

Overheard the next table asking their server about the foie gras demonstrators right outside the floor to ceiling front windows. There is one, tiny piece of foie gras terrine on one, solitary appetizer. Plus the restaurant supports the Vancouver Aquarium's Ocean Wise program. Seems a little unfair. Especially since the chef has invited the protesters in for coffee to discuss their concerns. They refused. As a non-Vancouverite I gotta ask ... is this foie gras demonstration thing common or are they just picking on G-Pod?

Anyhoots .... liked it lots. Do y'all like to dine like this?

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  1. The protesters are picking on Gastropod and Fuel. They are a little misguided, IMO.

    I've eaten at Fuel (I had Foie Gras Torchon there) but I have not yet been to Gastropod. It is on my list.

    It's a pretty sensitive issue...since certain Foie Gras producers have a bad reputation for abusing their animals. Some producers are making "faux gras" - fatty liver made by naturally fattening without resorting to the gavage technique ("force feeding"). It's about twice the price since you can only get one harvest a year. Even so, some experts state that gavage doesn't truly harm the animals - but it looks like it does. You'll get opinions to the contrary, of course.

    >>Anyhoots .... liked it lots. Do y'all like to dine like this?

    Yes. I really like restaurants that use these cutting edge techniques (molecular gastronomy, sous vide, etc). Rare (if they re-open) is another good place to eat this kind of food.

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      I live a block away and this is the first I've heard of these 'demonstrations', probably because I rarely walk on the south side of the 1900 block W 4th.

      The practice of using a front window counter as a slaughterhouse puts me right off and I never even go near any place I find disgusting.

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        Sam, that's just at Fuel.

        I haven't been there either but right next door at G-pod is a very elegant but still warm room.
        I love eating at Gastropod and I love the seats at the bar - sooooo comfy!

        And as far as I'm aware it was one protest on one day. But I could be wrong

    2. Folks, our goal on this board is to keep the discussion focused on sharing tips on where to find great chow. The issue of foie gras production is off topic here, so please keep your responses focused on what you think of the chow at Gastropod, not the politics surrounding the menu and demonstrations. We've removed posts that were focused on the protestors, and tried to leave up those that contained any on topic opinions -- but from here on out, please focus on the chow. Thanks.

      1. The chow at Gastropod is not the greatest.

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          Certainly reviews are mixed and overall the service takes a beating-or is the customers being beaten on?


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            I ate at Gastropod on my last visit to Vancouver at it was one of the highlights of my visit. Of course, as e-gulleter Sam Salmon can tell you, I'm in Calgary, which means I have horrible taste.

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              ChristineEats, what have you had there that you disliked? More detail about your meal(s) would be helpful.

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                Truthfully, the trio duck appetizer was disappointing, even though the server claimed it to be sous vide, it was lacking to my expectations. Luckily, I had the apple tart for dessert to cleanse my palate of a funny lingering liver taste.

                All in all, if I had to choose another starter, it would have been the carrot soup with lavender foam.

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                  I also had the appetizer and I agree with Christine eats about the after taste. I think the liver was perhaps a tad undercooked or simply not very fresh. And the show outside...well, it certainly didn't make it go down any smoother. Thank goddess for the delightful La Frenz pinot noir for refreshing my tainted palate.

                  The Chocolate Fondant was to die for.