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Apr 6, 2008 10:42 PM

broadway east? angelica kitchen?

anyone eaten at this new place broadway east? heard about it, and seems like the new alternative to fancy veg places like counter or candle79. was thinking to book a dinner there sometime; the place seems fancy enough to look cool but I'm really wondering about the food. any recent visits?

also, any thoughts on angelica kitchen for a larger group (8 or so?). I'm the only person eating really healthy but I want all my friends to join me; will there still be good choices for confirmed meatheads and the like?

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  1. Broadway East is quite good. The bartender said everything comes from within 500 miles -- even the wine, I think. We had some surprisingly good long island red wine with our dinner. The pizza at this place is VERY delicious--ours had pear, sweet potato, and some herbs--and I highly recommend it. I think they have a wood-fired pizza oven or something. The pizzas are smallish so you could have one as an appetizer for a group of 4 people. I had a dish with a spice-crusted portobello mushroom, cavolo nero, and polenta -- and I wouldn't say it was the best vegetarian entree I've ever had. I think it was a bit undersalted. But the people in our group who ordered fish were blown away. So I would recommend going in that direction if you're not a vegetarian. The deserts are good but not amazing. The creme brulee is pretty standard, but the cream puffs are very tasty.

    Aside from the pizza, my favorite thing about this place may be the atmosphere. It feels very cozy inside, not too loud at all, and just the right amount of light for a dinner. Lots of candles and small pools of light. At the back of the restaurant, there's a growing wall (a wall covered with an ivy-like plant) that's really nice, and it actually makes the air smell nice back there. Vegetarian tranquility. The growing wall is opposite a balcony that looks down into the basement of the restaurant, where there's a long table for private gatherings and a separate bar. It looks like a wonderful place for a dinner for 20-30 people. On the street level, there's a little room to stand at the balcony, so if you get a drink at the bar when you arrive, you might try hanging out back there rather than up front.

    Overall a lovely meal, light and fresh but not without heartiness. When we left the restaurant, I felt perfectly content and in a great mood, not stuffed and sleepy. And for me, that's the best indicator of a well-timed, well-prepared, and well-proportioned meal.

    1. I went there with a small group the other weekend. I thought it was delicious. We all shared a pizza as an appetizer. yum. I had some kind of coconut crusted tofu and I loved it. I think the non veggies liked it too, some things very very hearty. I think Angelica kitchen is not a good choice for non vegetarians, it can be too light and salady for some. Also I have sometimes found the staff to be kind of jerky.

      1. Excellent vegetarian restaurant with some nice options for carnivores.
        Imaginative and truly delicious vegetarian dishes is main focus along with good selection of New York State wines. Leave enough room for the deserts - the bread and butter pudding was really more than I could manage after plentiful entree portions, but proved to be too good not to finish every last scrap on the plate!
        I am so pleased to have found such a congenial grown-up spot in New York at long last serving such unusual but delicious offerings. Recipes, please!