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Apr 6, 2008 09:43 PM

Las Vegas Sushi

A group of college friends and I are meeting over memorial day to re-live some rowdy days. I'm looking for a sushi place that's going to make for a fun evening. I wouldn't mind spending money but I certainly know the group and no one will be in the mood for a stuffy overpriced Japanese hotspot. Just Sake bombs and good sushi will suffice, any thoughts/suggestions?

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  1. Sen of Japan, it's off the strip on 8480 west desert inn. It's cheaper than most strip sushi spots (no faux fountains, etc), but I think it's as good or better. Owned by former Nobu chef.

    1. Next time you come to Las Vegas, you need to check out Sumo Sushi. They have 2 locations here in town. Original location is on Sunset and Green Valley Parkway (my favorite). Great sushi, fresh high quality seafood always used and on Fri & Sat nights there is normally a very "fun sake2me crowd" at the bar. You won't be disappointed. The 2nd location is on W Warm Springs, much newer more contemporary designed restaurant with same menu. If you have 8-10 people you can even reserve the Japanese room for a more private sushi affair.