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Apr 6, 2008 08:59 PM

Banff restaurant for small wedding dinner?

I'm getting married in Banff in June and would like to have our wedding dinner someplace in Banff (or nearby) that's "fancy" and that has delicious food and good ambiance. There are only six people in our party, but we'd like to bring in our small wedding cake and maybe have a bit of privacy, if possible. Can anyone recommend a restaurant? I hear that some restaurants won't allow you to bring a cake in...

Also, are there recommendations for places to go afterwards for drinks, maybe music, that would be appropriate for older adults (our parents).

Thank you!

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  1. Fuze gets very good reviews on here and so they maybe be a possibilty. Also, I was at a wedding at Buffalo Mountain Lodge about a year ago and I thought they did a very good job. Although it was a much larger wedding reception than what you are comtemplating they may be able to accomodate you.

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      My friend is getting married in Banff this summer at the Juniper Inn. She said that the food is great! the space is quite lovely, beautiful views, private room available. It may be worth looking at, I don't know that the website does it justice.

      there has been a lot of talk about crazyweed in canmore on this site, if you look it up, you will find ample reviews. Not sure about the ambience.

    2. Definitely Fuze. They have chef's table that would be perfect. And best food in Banff in my opinion. You'd have to ask about the cake though.

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        I echo the Chef's Table at Fuze. Nice private room with a large window into the kitchen.

      2. Another thought is the chef's table/ private dining room at Eden in the Rimrock. Gorgeous view of the mountains, refined and elegant atmosphere, impeccable service. I believe the private room seats about 10 people max, so it's a perfect size for you. It's completely private with French doors seperating it from the main dining room and a huge window overlooking the garden and mountains.
        Amazing cuisine. I've had many happy, long meals there (tasting menus with 9-12 tiny perfect courses with wine flights). The service there has always been amazing - they make you feel like a star. After the meal, you could retire to the Rimrock's main lounge to relax in front of the huge fireplace.
        I would have had my wedding at the Rimrock if I could have. It's a beautiful hotel, and I think it would be the perfect setting for you. In my previous job, I was there perhaps three times a year for meetings, and loved every stay. Just my $.02.

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          These are all excellent recommendations. Thank you!
          I think we're leaning towards Fuze. It sounds like it has everything we need. I wanted to ask you all, though, about the Maple Leaf Grille. What do you think about it? Is the food good? The only reason I ask is that my Dad is picky and might prefer the menu options there.

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            Maple Leaf Grille has great food too, more of a game menu (elk, bison, etc). Great appetizer platter of local meats (cured, sausage, etc) and cheeses. Maybe a bit overpriced, but good. I hate the decor though - snowshoes, antlers, etc...

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              I agree with Dan - I don't think of the Maple Leaf Grille as very 'fancy' in terms of decor, though the food is quite good. I had ostrich there that was very lovely. A good wine selection IIRC.

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                I wouldn't recommend the Maple Leaf Grille for a wedding dinner; I wholeheartedly agree with Eden. We've had some amazing meals there too, and the room is classy and beautiful.