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Apr 6, 2008 07:52 PM

Organic (or at least "natural"), Kosher meat in Oakland/Berkeley?

Anyone know of any? Especially beef, but looking for all... thanks.

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  1. I know they sell the organic kosher brand of chicken, at least, at Whole Foods in Berkeley (and probably Oakland). Oakland Kosher Foods also advertises it, but they might just have it by order or something like that. It's certainly worth a call to either location to find out if they have more than chicken.

      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Thanks. I saw that, but it didn't sound like any organic options there...

        1. re: ckl

          Check Marin Sun Farm's website, it lists all the places you can get their meat.

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          Note that TJ's also carries organic kosher chicken from Rubashkin. You just have to look carefully -- the packaging is only slightly different from the conventional kosher chicken. And of course, being Trader Joe's, they don't always have it in stock.

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          1. Tough question. Finding just one criteria is easy, but both together is almost unheard of.

            This is a pretty comprehensive list off natural beef ranches in Northern California:
            Call them. If none of them are Kosher, you're out of luck for something in NorCal.

            Use this board to look for something in central or southern California:

            If nothing there, you're going to have to ship nationally. Try posting a query for mail order on the Kosher board:
            I read about an organic Kosher farm in the NY area in the times about a year ago. Can't remember the details. It was in the food section. Archives are free and searchable.

            Good luck. At least you can get kosher, natural chickens around here.

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              This thread has some info, including a link to Wise Organic Pastures which was the place written up in the Times:
              I think you'll have to sacrifice local if you want Kosher and Organic.
              I misspoke about chicken. Fulton Valley's chicken is Halal, not Kosher.

            2. Yesterday I saw Wise Organics at Oakland Kosher on Lakeshore. They had chicken, turkey, ground beef, ribeye steaks and probably some other kinds of beef. They were all frozen.