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Apr 6, 2008 07:22 PM

3 days near Capitol

i'm staying at the hyatt. looking for good--

healthy and/or organic and/or vegetarian restaurants/cafes and
bakeries/places to get good baked goods

is DC known for anything? i've been here before and ate at daily grill for brunch which was very good.

please let me know of anything else thanks!

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  1. If you are on Capitol Hill the Eastern Market has good pastries in the hall, I forget the name of the bakeshop.

    Not too near but not too far from Capitol Hill Rasika has good Indian with many vegetarian options.

    1. Sonoma has kind of a California cuisine philosophy and uses a lot of locally sourced ingredients. Not sure where they fall on the vegetarian front.

      1. For baked goods, the closest thing to you would probably be Eastern Market. You can also check out Marvelous Market right across from Eastern Market. They have good baguettes, challah, coffee cake etc. Also down the street from there is Bread and Chocolate, but I prefer Marvelous Market for bread.

        If you want Italian cookies and baked goods though I recommend the Italian Pastry counter inside Union Station. I can't remember the name but I've had good cheese cake and other pastries.

        Also in Eastern Market area is Locanda. Since they serve a lot of pasta you can probably find a vegetarian option. Sonoma is also a good recommendation.

        My favorite brunch is at Bistro Bis, near the Hyatt. This is also a good option for dinner but I would double check the menu. Since its more or less classic French, it doesn't scream vegetarian-friendly. But you might be able to find something.

        Let us know if you are willing to travel outside of the Capitol area. If so, then your options become better.