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Apr 6, 2008 06:41 PM

Italy Vacation w/Cooking Class in Bologna?

Planning a September trip to Italy (my first) with a cooking class/school in Bologna or Milan. I did a search of this board (, etc.). Most cooking classes appear to be in Bologna or Tuscany.

Welcome any suggestions from hounds re: cooking classes/schools in Bologna or other related advice.

Many thanks.


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  1. My family of 4 just came back from Bologna and had a fabulous time with Carmelita of Cook Italy. We went on a market tour which was very informative, and not commercial.. not touristy, and learned so much. We got cheese, wine, meats, eggs, everything we needed for the preparation on that day. We stopped at an amazing coffee shop, and chocolate shop. We tasted balsamic vinegars to learn the diffierence in qualities. All of the places we were taken to would not be places we would easily find on our own. We went back to Carmelita's to cook. My husband and son made pasta, I learned to handle artichokes, my daughter and I made a wonderful meatloaf. The whole experience for cooks and non-cooks was the highlight of our trip to Italy. I highly recommend this cooking class.

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      Thanks judykatz. The market tour sounds wonderful. Is Carmelita of Cook Italy also good for more experienced cooks? What about wine?

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        Hi fdr.. I am an experienced cook (not professional, though!) and I learned so much. Carmelita adjusted to our needs.. she asked whatever questions were asked, whether beginner, or experienced. The wine shop she shops at is amazing, and we actually went back there in the evening for a tasting. We were free to ask whatever questions we needed to. Carmelita had a discussion regarding the choices of wines for our meal, so it was very specific to us. However, we could have delved as deeply as we wanted for information. Again, the experience was complete, and the sum of many wonderful pieces, and was designed specifically for us.

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          Thanks for the additional information. This sounds like it might be perfect.

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            I took a cooking class with carmelita about 5 years ago. She is lovely and very informative. I too am a very experienced cook. Making pasta with her was great. What a meal we ended up having. Enjoy and say hello for all of us.

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              Hello Doreen! Fond memories of our class together and am still using the great wine glass charms you kindly sent me! Happy cooking, a presto!

      2. Corsi di Cucina con Margherita e Valeria Simili
        Via San Felice 116

        International Cooking School of Italian Wine & Food
        info: NY NY 212-779-1921
        operated by Mary Beth Clark

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          Via Malvasia 49
          40131, Bologna
          Tel. (+39)051-6491576

          This was featured in Passport to Europe with Sam Brown. They do have professional level classes but you have to get in touch with them beforehand.

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            Thanks, Nice1. Fellow hounds have given me a nice list to start with!

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