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Apr 6, 2008 06:32 PM

Why does it cost $6 for tzatziki sauce?

DH and I went to Koutouki in E'ton and had calamari for an appetizer. The waitress asked if we wanted pita bread with that. She said we could dip it in the tzatziki. When the bill came, the pita bread was charged at $3 and the tzatziki was charged at $6. Every resturant I've been to includes some sort of sauce with your calamari. So what was in the tzatziki that warrants a separate charge? Isn't tzatziki just cucumber, garlic, and Greek yogurt?

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  1. sleepycat:

    Which one of their locations? I can see the pita bread being an "add on" but as you have already indicated, ordinarily calamari comes with some tzatziki sauce and you should not have been charged extra for it alone.

    My "impression" is that you got "up sold" ["waiter speak" for "ripped off"] on a side of pita bread with an extra order of tzatziki sauce. I would complain to the manager on your next visit. Mind you, you can always ask for mine [smile] since I cannot stand raw cucumbers and as a result rarely eat tzatziki sauce. Yougour, garlic I love...raw cucumbers...yech!!!!

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      Judging by sleepycat's wording, she was not upsold, she was just plain ripped off.

      "The waitress asked if we wanted pita bread with that. She said we could dip it in the tzatziki."

      By saying they could dip the pita in "the tzatziki," it is clearly implied that tzatziki comes with whatever they ordered. If she had said "Would you like some pitas and tzatziki with that?" then the two are clearly extra.

      To me, the "the" is the indicator that it was included. The server used language to dupe her. In any case, I ALWAYS ask.

      Waitress: "Do you want a refill on your pop?"
      Me: "Is it free?"
      Waitress: "Yes."
      Me: "Yes, please."

      And let me tell you, if I were then charged for the refill... she'd be hearing it. So would the surrounding tables.

      1. re: miss_bennet

        You shouldn't have to ask - refills on pops are always free. It's when they ask if you want "another" pop that you need to ask (if you're not willing to pay for another one). Although they never have refills on beer so I haven't actually had to deal with it :)

        As far as OP's question - AFAIK, tzatsiki is just cucumber, garlic, and yogurt (dunno about the "greek" yogurt), and $6 is reasonable IMO for an "order" of tzatsiki, depending on how big it was. But if you didn't order tzatsiki it's reasonable to assume that what you got was included with the calamari, since just about every greek restaurant I've ever been to (and even some non-greek restaurants) includes tzatziki. I'd have asked about the charge, they would likely have taken it off.

        1. re: hsk

          Refills on pop are not always free. Perhaps they should be, but alas.

          I ask because when I was 17, my family's kitchen was getting renovated, so we went out for dinner. I chose the place, and my mother later berated me because it was so expensive. "Your pop refill cost $3! (for a 14 ounce glass)" Needless to say, unless I read it in the menu, I always ask. Though I usually ask before I order it.

          Interestingly enough, it was a Greek restaurant.

      2. re: Bob Mac

        Koutouki south on Calgary Trail. It seemed pretty empty for lunch. There were only two other tables with patrons.

        1. re: sleepycat

          My mom and I were there in the fall and we had those two dishes and I'm pretty sure we didn't get charged extra for tzatziki. The total bill was pretty pricey, over $60, for lunch. Needless to say we won't be going there for lunch to often...ouch.

          (and it was dead when we went too!)

      3. Nearly all Greek food in Edmonton is overpriced for what you get.