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Apr 6, 2008 06:11 PM

NEW Seafood Restaurant, 111 South Street?

Know anything about the NEW seafood restaurant that is coming on South Street near Pasanella Wines?

It's ironic that in this historic Seaport neighborhood we have to go elsewhere for good seafood.

Maybe this will change that. . .

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  1. Ran into two locals today and they tried Fishmarket and said it was good. Fishmarket restaurant has now been open about 4-5 days and I wandered by this evening to check it out. They still do not have their wine & beer license so it is BYOB. They plan to eventually add a raw bar. Nice bar area, exposed brick walls, candlelight, photos of historic fishmarket (now in the Bronx), long narrow room, intimate yet not dark.

    Hope to check it out tomorrow night vs. Nelson Blue (on Front). Please report if you have already been.

    Would love to see the "sea" back in Seaport and have a good fish restaurant in this neighborhood.

    Fishmarket Restaurant
    111 South Street

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      We had dinner at Fishmarket last night. Ambience was nice, service was very good (our waiter had just arrived from France). The menu is not final yet. We nibbled on a tray of olives they brought to the table as we decided what to order.
      We ordered from the tapas menu and current menu also had a few entrees (all over $20):

      *Croquettes - my neighbor really liked them
      *Calamari - too much breading, nothing special
      *Cod niscoise - I had a taste and it was very good with the parsnip puree
      *Charred octopus - cold with sliced fennel and more niscoise olives, very nice.

      All of the tapas except for the croquettes were over $10.

      They don't take Amex, no wine/beer license yet. We brought a nice bottle of white wine. They gave us a complimentary dessert wine after dinner.

      To be fair they have been open about a week. I'd probably go back for cocktails and to give them another try after they've been open longer. Otherwise it's Acqua, Table Tales, Barbarini (to go) or leave the neighborhood.

    2. Stopped by last night and was pleasantly surprised. Enthusiastic and energetic staff, great tapas (serrano ham croquettes and garlic & butter frog's legs..hmmm). They're still waiting on their liquor license, but eagerly offered house wine. Warm, clean, and attitude free. I'm looking forward to going back for a full meal. An after dinner stroll through the cobblestone seaport ends the evening perfectly - nice place for a date.

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        I went back tonight and had the frogs legs. Very good. Also had the asparagus with fricasse of morels and poached egg, shaved cheese. Finished with some manchego cheese, sour cherry jam and warm, thinly sliced bread. The menu is evolving but has been refined since the last time I went. They are not open for lunch yet. The owners are so nice. It's a comfortable, warm, friendly kind of place. Agree with alilafont this might be a good date place. The lighting is a little darker then Acqua (another good neighborhood date place). Wish they had at least one green salad on the menu.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Has anyone been to Fishmarket recently? A friend told me they were closed but their website is up and running. Phone is "temporarily disconnected."

          1. Went to Fishmarket last night for after dinner drinks. Someone from The Paris is now at the helm. There are 5 big screen TV's (some in the restaurant area), more of a pub menu, different pricing.