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Apr 6, 2008 05:58 PM

PDX -Inexpensive, local/organic

I'm looking for recommendations in close-in NE or SE for a low-key, inexpensive restaurant that promotes local/organic/sustainable food.

If you're familiar with Sacramento or Medford, I'd like to find something similar to Cafe Bernardo's or Grilla Bites. If you aren't familiar, the concept is walk up and order, you get a number, and they bring the food to you. Most dishes are below $10.

I'm near 20th and Broadway but I'm willing to drive as far south as Division and east to 30th or 40th.


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    Proper Eats is in St Johns, a 17 minute drive.
    Can't think of anything else at the moment that is closer other than the counter at New Seasons.
    I find it a little strange that you are willing to drive more than two miles south yet won't go more than a mile east. How far north will you go?

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    1. re: Leonardo

      Good call on New Seasons. The one on Killingsworth is probably not too far. Also Wild Oats on 15th and Freemont had a good pre-made selection with nice seating upstairs, and that's real close to you. Although I'm not sure how much has changed since the Whole Foods purchase.

      1. re: MichaelG

        Closer would be the NS on 20th & Division.

        1. re: Leonardo

          Actually, no Leonardo. Killingsworth NS is closer to 20th and N. Broadway than Division NS. Not by much tho.

    2. The Tin Shed, on NE Alberta Street might suit your needs. They have table service, but meet the other criteria. Check them out here-

      1. Thanks for the suggestions. I will definitely check them out.

        As far as how far I would drive, I just moved to Portland so I just estimated about how far. I know it's annoying to have someone post very vague questions so I tried to be more specific. Maybe I was too specific. ;-)

        I'd be willing to drive a little farther east and even to close parts of downtown.

        1. Jam on Hawthorne and SE 23rd