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Apr 6, 2008 05:57 PM

Gas Grill Recommendations?

We've just landscaped our yard, improved the deck and are ready to invest in a good gas grill.

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  1. weber or bbq's galore brand

    1. Well, there's quite a few to choose from....Weber, Frigidaire, Lynx, Viking, Wolf....Depends on how much $$$ you want to spend. You can get a Frigidaire, with a nice selection of sizes, (all stainless) at a KILLER price! (Like I did)

      Then there's Weber. Their Genesis or Summit grills are really nice, also a decent price point.

      Then you have the big-boys! Wolf, Viking & Lynx! Lynx being some of the best out there, period! Best warranty, best features, best build-quality....BUT, you're gonna pay for it. LOL :)

      In my opinion, if you're even looking at a Wolf or Viking...Instead, look at the Lynx! You'll be very pleased! We sell all of these brands where I work, and the LYNX brand is simply to die for. It's the Ferrari of grills. ;)

      You can get them either with a cart, or built-in configuration.

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      1. re: laney50w

        We expect to spend between $400 and $800.

        1. re: ola

          I purchased the Weber Genesis at Home Depot last year and around $599 and couldn't be happier with it. Didn't get the SS model as I didn't feel that it added all that much for the additional dollars. BTW, it was fully assembled, be sure to let them do that.

          1. re: ola

            I would wait until Father's Day and hit the best deal you can get. That amount will pull you in a $800 to $1,200 grill easy.

          2. re: laney50w

            Laney 50w, thanks for the advice. I just happened to see your post on the Bluestar range being the best in the market. (We're building now so I'm in the market for everything). I bake a lot and the salesperson told me that they only come with gas ovens. I can't remember if it was you or someone else who said gas is better for meats and electric ovens are better for baking. I know this is off topic but what would you recommend?

            1. re: laney50w

              Hi Laney50w, I was wondering if you are still around in this forum. I am about to do a kitchen re-model and note what you have said before about Blue Star versus Wolf appliances. Can you give me any updated advice please? I am really confused as to what to go for after reading all the different opinions. Thanks.

              1. re: vikster10

                Hi vikster10, Yeah, sorry, I haven't been around in a while...BUT, I'll toss in my 2c for ya'....

                Updated Advice? Sure...I'll try :)

                I'll first talk about WOLF & Blue Star....And after that, there's actually another brand I would like to mention to you...But, I'll get to that in a bit.

                To this day, both Wolf & Blue Star are still very good brands, and we have no real complaints with either brand...I mentioned that I like Blue Star because of the higher BTU rated burners...(No, I don't own either brand, nor do I work for either..hehe) It's just that I really enjoy cooking. And I look at things from a different perspective (not just looks)... It's nice to be able to use a WOK if I want to, and actually have the searing heat needed to use a WOK, and get the results I'm after. (Very hard to do with only 15K BTU's), and if you have Propane, you'll be lucky to get 12K BTU's out of that "high powered burner". And, it's not just about Wok cooking...It's nice to have that heat, because many dishes require you to cook with a higher heat, and many ranges just don't cut it.

                HAVING SAID THAT....I would suggest that you take a good look at the new Kitchen Aid Professional ranges. They're really sweet, and well worth checking out. The new KA Pro series ranges feature 22,000 BTU burners (2 on each range, I believe), nice styling, and built very well. We have them on our sales floor, and they're selling very well. Kitchen Aid prices are very competitive, and in many cases BETTER than most other pro brands, and you really get a lot of value for the $$$.

                And I completely understand your frustration. Sometimes doing so much research, and reading online reviews doesn't help either... hehe I try to research as much as possible before I buy something, too, but, even I'll admit, sometimes it just makes my decision making, even harder....The internet has it's pros & cons, and online reviews are sometimes even worse.

                I am by no means a guru, but I like to TRY and help people when I can, but, we all know that just because "I" say something, there's still no guaranty. I could sell 100 Wolf ranges, and never have a problem...sell another one a day later, and it's a happens. All I can do is share what knowledge I have, and try and answer some questions as best I can. Hopefully whatever you choose will serve you well for many years to come.

                BUT....Bottom line...I think if I HAD to choose between Wolf, Blue Star, and the new Kitchen Aid Pro ranges (Right Now...TODAY)....I would have a real hard time choosing between the Blue Star and the new Kitchen Aid Pro Ranges. To be honest, the new KA ranges have really left a nice impression on me.

                Hopefully, I didn't ramble on too much. hehe

                1. re: laney50w

                  Wow! That was quick! Thanks so much. I will take a look at the kitchen Aid range. It wasn't even on my radar before. :)

            2. My Weber is about nine years old and still going strong. It produces a high, even heat-- few hot spots and even those aren't that far off the overall temperature. This seems to be a "grill for life." Mine came with porcelain coated flavor bars and I replaced them with stainless ones-- ditto for the cooking surface. The gas element is pleasantly un-corroded after all these years, but when it does finally rot out, replacement is easy to do. The upfront investment is a bit larger that your garden variety bbq, (smaller than the "big boys" mentioned above) but well worth it. If they still make such a beast, look for a model with flavor bars that run criss-crossed in both directions. The added heat capacity will give you a bit more "kick", which comes in handy for many cooking tasks.

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              1. re: rubysdad

                Interesting that you replaced the grills. I'm also looking for a new BBQ for less than $500. The Weber Spirit 310 fits the price range, but one reason I'm not crazy about it is because it comes with porcelain grills. And I really want cast iron, or I should say porcelain coated cast iron.

                An alternative that I've found is the Broil King Signet 20. It's less money, has great reviews, appears to be of great quality, and seems to come with everything I want.

                Anyone have any experience with Broil King?

                1. re: SMOG

                  SMOG -
                  Which grill did you end up buying? And are you pleased with it?
                  Home Depot currently has the Weber Spirit 310 on sale for $299. I'm wondering if it's a good deal and a quality grill.

                  1. re: fatassasian

                    Hi there, sorry for the ultra long delay!! I ended up buying the Signet 20. The Home Hardware in Markham had it for $399, which included the stainless steel grills.

                    I'm am super happy with it! The BBQ gets blistering hot, which takes some time to get used to. Build quality is excellent for the price and it cooks evenly. Best of all, I get the feeling that this BBQ will continue to cook with high quality for several years.

                    The Weber Spirit isn't a true Weber. It's a built in China model and I don't think it stands up to the Canadian built Broil King for the same price.

              2. Second (or third or fourth or ...) the recommendation for Weber. In your price range, the Genesis is the only way to go. After 10 years of near-daily use my Genesis E-310 was still going strong, but needed a bunch of replacement parts. So I upgraded to a shiny new 5-burner stainless steel Ducane (owned by Weber), and couldn't be happier.

                Other companies might (emphasis on MIGHT) make grills as good for comparable prices. But nobody can touch Weber's customer service. Real people answer the phone. They're well-informed about their products, and what they don't know they'll find out for you.

                A while back I had a problem with my regulator and called Weber; after a five-minute phone call a new one was on the way. At no charge. After the warranty had expired. They just requested that I send the dead one back for failure analysis.

                When I was thinking about buying a Ducane, I called to ask the difference between the model sold in specialty stores for $1,500 and the similar one that Home Depot had for $800. The customer service rep probably spent 20 minutes on the phone with me going through the parts lists to identify the differences (a granite shelf and heavier grates).

                Speaking of which--in the unlikely event that you can find an old-stock Ducane at your local Home Depot, grab it. Otherwise, for under $800 the Genesis series is highly recommended.

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