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Apr 6, 2008 05:26 PM

Upscale in Portland

We are traveling for a fencing competition. My son is severely allergic to tree nuts. Staying downtown. Need recommendations for a steak house that knows its ingredients. Any other restuarant downtown that make everything (most things) from scratch and know their ingredients? Thanks all

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  1. No specific recommendations off the top of my head, but just to get discussion going, do you have a budget in mind? Will it just be the two of you or will it be a larger group?

    Here's a link to the dinner menu at Veritable Quandary, and while it's not a steakhouse per se, it is upscale.

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      1. I would highly recommend Higgins. The knowledgeable wait staff and the quality and care that goes into its preparations seems to be just what you're looking for. I've had some extraordinary meals here.

        1. For steak, El Gaucho in the Benson Hotel is upscale and excellent, and I'd say they most likely "know their ingredients." Also, the Higgins recommendation is a good one. Also, Southpark and the Heathman, both downtown, both excellent, both feature a fine steak.

          1. Thanks all. Is London Grill better than El Gaucho ? Any seafood in the downtown area? ( Quality seafood, a far notch better than McCormick and Shmick ) Just 3 of us dining and are not looking for budget food.

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              Re-read my post above - El Gaucho is better than London Grill for steak. Go to London Grill for Sunday brunch only. For quality seafood, go to Southpark. Try the fresh oysters. You won't be disappointed. Listen to the people on this board...did anyone say anything about London Grill?