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Mexico City-- near the Four Seasons

We will be spending 3 nights at the FS in Mexico City at the end of the month. Have looked at various earlier postings but there isn't a lot specific to this area lately and I would appreciate any suggestions for places that are close (walk or short cab ride?). Obviously prefer local cuisine; wine/tequila list not important.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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  1. You'll be fairly close--a shortish cab ride--to Colonia Condesa, with its many restaurants and lovely ambience. Go to Contramar for comida.

    Link: http://www.mexicocooks.typepad.com

    1. Not a fine dining type of restaurant, but one popular with people who enjoy tacos of all kinds - especially "tacos al pastor," El Fogoncito Restaurant is a 4-block, 15-minute walk from the Four Seasons.

      This is a popular spot for late-night snacks; people travel from throughout the city to eat at the restaurant. This is the principal location of the company, and it's grown to have branches (maybe franchises) in several states, and several countries. I was fortunate to live less than a 10-minute walk from the place and visited it frequently.

      Though I no longer live in Mexico I get back a couple to several times yearly and almost always find myself sitting at El Fogoncito at least one time each visit.

      To get to the restaurant you walk a couple of hundred feet to your left as you exit the hotel, onto Paseo de la Reforma, and you'll see a pedestrian underpass which will take you to the opposite side of the street - and onto Calle Leibnitz. Walk directly head for 3-4 blocks and you'll see El Fogoncito at the corner of Victor Hugo - one location on your right, one on your left; there two (growth over the years). Hotel Camino Real is on the opposite corner.

      I consider the route to/from the hotel safe to walk, day or night.

      El Fogoncito
      Leibnitz 64 (at Victor Hugo)
      Colonia Anzures
      Mexico, D.F.
      Tel: 5531-6469
      Website: http://www.fogoncito.com

      1. La Fonda del Refugio is a very traditional restaurant, exelent, old fashioned and very authentic mexican food, opens for lunch and dinner every day. It's located in Zona Rosa, Liverpool 166


        1. Things didn't happen in April but we are now heading to Mexico City for 3 nights on the 9th of October. Just wondered if any new thoughts about this question.

          1. Ex-Hacienda de los Morales, Aguila y Sol, La Valentina, Izote, Los Remedios, El Cardenal (on Palmas), Villa María, and the very casual Quesadillas María Isabel in Polanco. Los Bisquets de Álvaro Obregón (there´s one in Polanco but the original in Colonia Roma is not far) and en Un Lugar de la Mancha (Polanco) for breakfast and books.

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              Note: Águila y Sol has been closed for about a year.

              Link: http://www.mexicocooks.typepad.com

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                  Ya ves...cambia, todo cambia...everything changes...

                  Link: http://www.mexicocooks.typepad.com

            2. J and V - Do you have any reports? I will be staying at the Four Seasons for work in a few weeks and would like to walk somewhere near the hotel for dinner. I'll check out El Fogoncito.

              Did the Four Seasons have a breakfast buffet every morning?

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                Just one local's opinion but I think el fogoncito is pretty over-rated. If you're going to walk over there, there's actually a no-name place right next door (to the branch on the east side of the street - the one with a Subway next door) that is much better. Doesn't look like much, but the tacos rarely disappoint.

                Either way, if you're going to be at the four seasons, you should go to casa de las enchiladas on Tokio (hotel's side street). I think it's only open til 6:00PM or so and is a little on the pricy side for basic mexican food (e.g. USD$10 a head, nothing crazy), but has some of the best enchiladas to be found. I'm a HUGE fan of their green salsa personally, but there are lots of choices. It's one block from the hotel, so you can't get much closer.

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                  First be prepared to have the main meal "comida" between 2 and 4 PM as the locals do, otherwise your going to be doing either tacos or fancy restaurants in the evening.
                  Your location on Ave. Reforma puts you squarely within walking distance of little "Korea" in the Zona Rosa, try walking down Calle Hamburgo and then just look for Korean lettering on the signposts.
                  Walk straight down Av. Reforma to 222 Reforma, unique acute angle designed building, and try El Bajio, the best location is the original on Av. Azcapotzalco but that is far and closes at 6 PM. At El Bajio my recommendation is feasting on the antojitos/appetizer section of the menu or trying the carnitas, which come by weight 1/4 K to a full kilo.
                  If you feel like walking to the Condesa, or take a cab and it shouldn't be more then 5 minutes, you can try so many different styles of cuisines from Seafood at Contramar , closes at 6 PM, or El Charro Daniel Ovadias "new Mexican" place, El Raco for Catalan style, The Huachinangio a la Sal is great and so is the Fideau, the Catalan paella made with fideos.
                  So much good food so little time!

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                    Thanks. I meant to ask for input on where I can have a "cena". I don't think that I will be back to the hotel until after 6 on most days so I am looking for a place to have a lighter cena within close proximity to the hotel since I might be dining alone. Tacos and enchiladas and El Bajio all sound good. I'll skip Korean and other international foods since I can get most everything in the Bay Area. Do you have more details on El Charro? I am not having much luck with a search on the web. Thanks!

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                      I just got back from dinner at El Bajio in Polanco. I thought the food was wonderful and so did my colleague. We went a little crazy with the menu since there were so many interesting things we wanted to try and ordered quite a lot. I had the empanada with plantain and beans, a carnitas taco, a quesadilla of squash blossoms and requeson, the gorditas rellenas with requeson, beans and avocado leaves.

                      On top of that I ordered a serving of plain mole with tortillas. The mole was delicious, sweet, a little spicy and my colleague was very happy with his main entree of mole over a chicken breast. I asked if they sold the paste or powder to take back to the US and they don't. The empanadas and the quesadillas were other favorites. The squash blossoms were sauteed with onions and garlic and the requeson melted beautifully. I really enjoy the DF take on quesadillas. The gorditas were good, although I ordered them to try the hoja de aguacate and noted the anise flavor which I don't care for other than in anise-based liquors.

                      We also ordered the cajeta-like cheesecake dessert and it was nice since it wasn't too sweet. All that plus an order of guacamole, 2 lemonades, and order of rice with plantains was 560MXP. The service was incredibly attentive and efficient. I wouldn't mind going back to try an order of the mole enchiladas.

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                  I'll reply to my inquiry about the buffet at the Four Seasons. The setting is very nice at the cafe/bar where the buffet is served during the weekday. Every morning they have a selection of yogurts, oatmeal, fresh fruits, fresh baked breads (although the conchas were not good), cereals, cheese and a few cold cuts. The chocolate is made in house and it was delicious. There's also an option to for eggs, etc. All this for about MXP245. I wouldn't breakfast there unless someone else is paying.

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                    I've stayed at the Four Seasons many times and always thoroughly enjoy the buffet breakfast at El Bar. Sitting outside in that setting - truly lovely gardens - is a great way to start the day. Food is always excellent. Agree re the chocolate - much better way to start things off than coffee.