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?Good Eats in Milton?

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My brother just moved to Milton, the folks came down from the north and we looked for somewhere to go for dinner. Ended up going to Casey's. yes I know chains let you down and this one took top honors. So - where do you go for a good meal in Milton?

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  1. I've lived in Milton for 30 years. When I eat out locally I usually rotate between these places (so far not been disappointed).

    Brunello Ristorante (Italian)395 Main St-great for fresh seafood and pasta.
    Harrop Restaurant and Gallery 345 Steeles Ave-varied menu great steak, salmon dishes.
    Ivy Arms 201 Main St- Popular local Irish pub that serves usual bar food but is extremely good.
    Gold City Restaurant- 425 Main St -Excellent Chinese Food, you can eat-in or take out.

    1. not exactly fine dining - just wanted to add that last time I was in Milton there were some amazing wings at "Wings Up!" right downtown