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Apr 6, 2008 03:59 PM

Free food on opening day?

JP Licks is offering free small scoops this Tuesday for opening day, including all the new Red Sox flavors. Try the One Sweet World Series, coffee ice cream with caramel and toffee crunch.

Chipotle is offering free chips and guacamole for opening day as well. I find the chips and guac to be the most addictive thing they have.

Any other deals?

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  1. Starbucks is doing "something" on Tuesday at noon. But it's a national promotion so probably a coincidence but nevertheless a possible freebee.

    1. We went to JP Licks last night and I had the One Sweet World Series. Enjoyed that a lot (coffee ice cream, heath bar, and caramel). We also tried the Manny's Mocha Chip. Strange enough, there was no choc chip (which I assumed was the "chip"), instead it had nuts- I think it was pecan.

      Other flavors include Green Tea Monster, Rice Dice Kream, and several others.

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      1. re: y2000k

        That's so weird. When I was talking to the scooper last week, she described Manny's Mocha Chip as mocha ice cream with "big, soft chunks" of chocolate.

        The Rice Dice Kream is good and unusual. The rice is, strangely, still a little crisp, so there's some chew to the ice cream. Kind of like the noodles they put in the Pad Thai flavor, only... not so gross.

        1. re: y2000k

          Just came back from free ice cream at JP Licks - the one in Newton Center. Line wasn't too bad, about 20-30 deep but moved very quickly. Didn't think I was in line for more than 5 mins.

          Didn't try any of the "red sox" flavors today, stuck with something reliable - coffee oreo. Yum!