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Apr 6, 2008 03:33 PM

What do you recommend in Kelowna and/or Nelson?

My husband and I have decided to extend our trip out west in 2 weeks by doing a stop over in Kelowna and then renting a car and travelling down to Nelson. What restaurants do you recommend - breakfast, lunch, dinner, - any suggestions would be great. We noticed that in previous posts people have recommended wineries in the Kelowna area but most look like there are closed until May.

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  1. Though I have only been there once, a year ago, I would heartily recommend Bouchon's Bistro near the Grand Okanogan Resort in Kelowna for dinner. Excellent table d'hote. And also going from memory, we have always enjoyed the Main Street Diner for a casual lunch in downtown Nelson.

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      Include Fresco, whatever you do. You will thank me.

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        great - we are staying in Kelowna for nights so we are covered. Any recommendations for Nelson or restaurants on the drive down?

    2. In Nelson we enjoy the All Seasons Cafe, Main Street Diner, and the Redfish Grill.

      1. I second All Seasons in Nelson. Sadly, apparently there was a fire at Mazatlan, which was the best (and probably only) Mexican restaurant in the West Kootenays. I'd check around to see if they have re-opened in a new locale.

          1. As I have mentioned on other Kelowna-based threads, my favourite meals in Kelowna are being served up by Chef Mark Filatow and his team at Waterfront Wines. It is located in the downtown cultural district next to the also-good Bouchons (classic French Bistro, and near The Grand Hotel.

            Waterfront Wines: http://www.waterfrontwines.com/wineBa...

            For breakfast, you could try the recently opened Seven Six Four, Chef Filatow's second restaurant, and from what I hear, equally as good food-wise as Waterfront Wines. 764 is located at 4600 Lakeshore Road, at the south end of town near CedarCreek and Summerhill wineries. Or another option would be the Bohemian Bagel Cafe downtown on Bernard Avenue. Great hearty breakfasts.

            Other great places in Kelowna are Bai Tong (next to Fresco's on Water Street) for Thai food, Saigon (on Bernard Ave) for Vietnamese, Memphis Blues BBQ (Bernard Ave).

            Quails Gate's restaurant is quite good as another poster mentioned, and they are open year round.

            Fresco is good as well, though a touch more pretentious than I think is warranted.