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Apr 6, 2008 03:29 PM

Biscuits and Gravy

I was just reading the Chicken Fried Steak thread and it made my think of Biscuits and Gravy. Any suggestions? I recently had it at Stan's Place on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. It was okay but the gravy was bright orange! I have no idea why. Anyplace I can get this in the city or nearby?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Clinton St. Baking Co.

      1. I've tried alot of biscuits and gravy in the Williamsburg area, and I really found that Pies N Thighs got it best. They closed a few months ago but should reopen soon. Their gravy was nice and thick with chunky sausage in it. More of a sausage grease, milk/cream, flour rue than most restaurants do it. Enid's in Greenpoint also has gravy, but I find it really expensive at $7 for a half order of gravy and biscuits and $9 for a whole order. The gravy is also on the sweet side with an unbelievable amount of paprika piled on top. The worst I've had is at Egg near's just incredibly sweet and bland. Tastes like it might be made out of Silk Light Vanilla soy milk. No kidding. I think the main difference between the gravy at Pies N Thighs and the gravy at Enid's and Egg is that at PnT it's a traditional sausage gravy and at Enid's/Egg they try to offer vegetarian and sausage gravy. This is fine, but throwing ground up sausage in premade vegetarian gravy is nowhere near the same thing. Also, be forewarned that restaurants charge an arm and a leg for one biscuit and a little sucks to know that I can get the same thing at Hardee's for next to nothing! ;o) Anyway, that's my two cents. If you want some really good gravy and biscuits, stop by sometime and I'll serve it up. My boyfriend from Jersey is a convert!

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          another one to avoid is Relish's biscuit's and gravy

        2. I love the Biscuits and Gravy at Little Dishes in Park Slope. The sausage is house made and soo good.

          Here's a couple of pics from brunch last weekend:

          Little D
          434 7th Ave Ste A, Brooklyn, NY 11215

          1. Whatever you do, don't go to Pink Teacup. Yuck.

            I asked for biscuits and gravy. They refused to serve it to me as a dish. They only had biscuits with butter and insisted that they could only give me gravy on the side. So I said, "Fine, I'll take it on the side and then pour it on." I ended up ordering 2 side orders of biscuits, 1 side of sausage, and 1 side of gravy and an empty plate. It was brown gravy = fail. It wasn't enough gravy for even 1 biscuit. And it wasn't good. I'm not sure why the call themselves a southern restaurant. Don't they even know that southern gravy is white?

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              I went to the Pink Teacup several years ago after someone on here recommended it for biscuits. They described the biscuits as "homemade" on the menu, but they were definitely canned biscuits. I'd know that taste anywhere, you can't fool me!