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Apr 6, 2008 03:07 PM

Restaurants that need Chowhound support

I thought I would start a post so that others can add good restaurants that do not have many customers so we can support them. I know someone did a similar post to drum up support for Angela's Cafe. By the way, we went to Angela's last week.

My choice would be Yo Ma in Allston. I went to lunch today, and there was only one couple there who left shortly after. After that, it was just my husband and me. No one else came in while we were there. We are worried that this restaurant will not last. It does not have a liquor license so has to rely only on its food. This is our second visit, and we think that it offers a unique cuisine in Boston.

Yo Ma is a Burmese restaurant. My husband and I ordered the green mango salad and green tea leaf salad as appetizers. We asked for it spicy so both had a kick to it. My husband preferred the green mango salad because it was refreshing, and I preferred the green tea leaf salad for its varied texture. For the main course, we had OhnNoteKhotSwe and MeeShay. These are both noodle dishes and were not as spicy as the appetizers. That may have been a good thing because our mouths were burning by this time. We preferred the OhnNoteKhotSwe over the MeeShay in terms of flavor. The OhnNoteKhotSwe is a coconut chicken soup base. The MeeShay is noodle with pork sauce over it. Previously, we ordered the rice curries, but we think the noodle dishes are a better choice.

Within walking distance the Green B line. Only downside is that it is a little expensive.

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  1. My opinion on YoMa, as I have detailed here in the past, is that I don't feel good patronizing it given the level of service I've received in the past. If I went, I would worry that I wouldn't be served without a lengthy wait. I would suspect that lagging business there has something to do with this.

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      My girlfriend raved about the service when we were there. She loved it. Why? Well, she's from a town just near the Burmese border and the style in restaurants in that part of the world is that the waiter or waitress does not bother you and your meal until you call them over yourself.