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Apr 6, 2008 02:59 PM

After theatre in London

Any suggestions for a nice dinner at 10:30-11:00 pm not too far from Shaftesbury Avenue? During the last two years we have tried Axis and The Wolseley were pleased with both, but the other good choices seem limited. We were not very fond of J. Sheekey during a recent visit, nor Rules, where we ate many years ago. Anyone know Le Cafe du Jardin, Le Duxieme or Clos Maggiore?

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  1. Greetings, Jerrysfreund, we had a good post-theatre repast at Moti Mahal, and the normally 30 pound three course prix fixe was an excellent value with a 1/2 price deal by booking through toptable. My spouse had the three course, I had an entree, rice, paratha, and we ended up with half her dinner left for take-away. There's a modern, sleek look to the interior, very comfortable, fairly quiet. (but not in the Brit/French continuum you're describing, I know).

    1. You could try the classic post-theatre spot - Joe Allen.

      1. A bit to the West, we had a great meal at Allistair Greig's

        We enjoyed Axis, but felt that both the Wolseley and J Sheekey were quite poor. Unfotunately, do not know the three particular restaurants, that you mentioned at the end of your post. In the old days, I'd recommend Todd's ( even further West), but it is now part of the group that has J Sheekey and developed the Wolseley. We looked forward to their re-opening, but were horribly dissapointed. I am not convinced that that group can get it right, but have not been to Ivy, or a couple of their other properties. Still, based on past experiences, I will probably not bother.


        1. cafe du jardin is fine - pretty pricy though and service can vary wildly,haven't eaten at the others i have to say. Mela is v good - indian on shaftesbury avenue otherwise how about great queen street - a great pub around the corner in covent agrden