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Apr 6, 2008 02:55 PM

puff pastry quiche...Blind bake first?

Hi all,

I don't use puff pastry dough much, so hence my question: do I have to blind bake the puff pastry before putting in my quiche (lorraine) filling into it? Running low on time, I picked up Trader Joe's artisanal puff pastry dough, which seems to have a good rep on chow.

So, normally I'd blind-bake my crust first. Still the case with the puff pastry dough?


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  1. Yes, if you want it to puff up. Otherwise, the layers will stick together under the weight of the filling.

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    1. I made a quiche with puff pastry a couple weeks ago and the recipe said NOT to blind bake it. I did not. It was wonderful. Usually when we have overnight guests I make the quiche ahead of time (blind baked one) but this one is so easy you could assemble and bake the morning of.

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        Hmm. Well, I'm ok if the bottom crust layer stays relatively flat, so I think I'll try as you suggest and not blind-bake it...We shall see....Thanks!

        1. re: slofood

          Well, I ended up giving it 15 minutes blind, then added the custard for 35 minutes or so. Came out really good. Definitely a winner.

          Thanks to all for the advice!


          1. re: jlecount

            Thanks a bunch for reporting back.

            I'd not made a quiche before, but my experience with baking savory tarts with puff pastry is that the center is soft and doughy unless I blind bake them. I score an edge around the perimeter so that the outside crust can rise up even higher in the final baking. So I'm glad to hear of your experiment and good results!

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              My gut said to blind baked the puff pastry, but didn't (& I just followed a recipe). As expected, it came out soft & doughy. Aside from the custard top, it's pretty much inedible. In the future, I'll stick to pie dough for quiche (& stick to puff pastry for my marscapone tarts!)