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Apr 6, 2008 02:37 PM

Le central in Bristol

have any CH's eaten here? Opinion? Thanks

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  1. I've eaten there three or four times, as I live within walking distance. The first time was a few weeks after they'd opened and I think they were still working out kinks in the service and food. However, we've been back a few times in the past couple of months and were impressed.

    Our first trip back was a baby step: we stopped in for dessert after a dinner elsewhere. The creme brulee was fabulous and I had a kir royale that was very festive.

    Our next trip was for a full meal. They have great bread (Bristol Bakery, I believe) and we both really enjoyed our entrees. I had the cassoulet, which wasn't at all traditional. Instead of white beans, it was cooked with lentils. Really quite tasty and hearty on a cold night. My husband had a steak special -- also very tasty! We also discovered a new (to us) wine on their specials list that has since become a favorite: Crios Malbec Rose.

    Our third trip was for the "tapas" menu, which is served until 6 or 6:30, Monday-Thursday. The small plates were mostly tasty, and incredibly small. But for $2-4 per plate, that's to be expected. However, you don't get the yummy bread with the tapas menu.

    Le Central is still working to develop a clientele, I believe. Every time we've been there, it was less than half full. We felt a bit awkward each time, as it seemed like the entire wait staff was watching us as we walked in. My hope is that traffic will increase along with the summer crowds and it will become a more popular Bristol destination. It's certainly worth a try!

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      FINALLY made it there. Lovely decor, warm complimentary tones/artwork/floor tiles, simple but tastefully done. The dinner was VERY good from beginning to end. Not only tasty and savory, but beautiful plating. The one disappointing part of the whole experience was the service - weak staff, no polish and insufficient knowledge. Especially with a refined menu such as theirs. The surprising element was how empty the place was... We will definitely go back but more for the culinary experience than the "full package" w/ ambiance etc.

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        There are a couple older threads on this place. We ate there about a year ago and loved it. On our visit service was exceptional.